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SNV, Peace, NonViolence

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It is now Day 4 of the Season for NonViolence (SNV), evolved by the Association for Global New Thought (AGNT), and now in its 16th year.  The season runs for 64 days each year, between the memorial anniversaries of key nonviolent peacemakers Martin Luther King, Jr., and Mahatma Ghandi.  Today’s theme is CARING, but not necessarily the way you were thinking.  Today we are invited to consider that caring evolves from how we each care for our self.  So do you care about yourself?  Do you act like it?  What do you do that expresses you care about and for yourself?  Yes, peace begins with caring, and caring begins with caring for, and taking care of, you!

Here is AGNT’s Day 4 meditation:

DAY 4 Feb. 2: The thought for today is CARING.  According to Peter McWilliams,

“Nonviolence toward the self is caring for oneself.  Self love is a crowning sense of self worth; it is what the Greeks call reverence for the self.”

When I regard my life as a trust, I realize that the first resource I have to take care of is my own body.  This can be startling!  Even my body is not really my own – it belongs to Life, and it is my responsibility to take care of it.  Taking care of it is a demonstration of nonviolence.


Today: I will make a list of at least five ways that I can take care of myself, physically and/or mentally, and I will honor that list today through demonstration.


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