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What if people expressed how much they appreciated each other, not just at retirement dinners, but every week?  What about every day?  What would the world be like then?  Probably most would experience their work and family life very differently.  And hearing words of appreciation, they might, in turn, think frequently of what they appreciate about others.  And they might express it.  And they might feel thankful.  And thankful people are more cheerful and more fun to be around.  Imagine this effect ricocheting around the globe, throughout every country.

We are now on Day 3 of the Season for NonViolence (SNV), created by the Association for Global New Thought (AGNT) for people who would like to help bring forth a nonviolent world.  And today you can help just by telling someone you appreciate them.  Are you in?

Here is AGNT’s Day 3 meditation:

DAY 3 Feb. 1:  The thought for today is APPRECIATION.  Author Louise Hay says

“Praise yourself as much as you can…The love in our lives begins with us … Loving yourself will help heal this planet.”

Peace in the world begins inside each person.  Appreciating who I am raises my awareness of nonviolence.

Life is filled with opportunities to express appreciation, yet how many times do we pass up the opportunity thinking “oh, I’ll tell them later.”  When we tell someone that we appreciate them, we are promoting nonviolence.

Today:  I will write down ten things that I appreciate about myself and my life.   I will tell at least one other person what I appreciate about them.


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