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Yesterday, you may have noticed an incredibly bright Full Moon.  Because of the movements of the Earth and Moon, there is what we call a “Full Moon” every 4 weeks.  The Wolf Full Moon occurs in January.  Tradition has it that the Wolf Full Moon gets its name from the fact that wolves are typically hungry in January, and they may howl because they are hungry.  So wolves and the Full Moon are culturally connected.

But what is a Full Moon?  It’s the time of the month–actually about every 27 days–when the Earth is completely out of the way of the Sun’s rays reaching the Moon. So the most possible sunlight is reflected back to the Earth.  And we see the Moon as a big fat disc of light.

The time of the Full Moon has a reputation for making people act crazy.  Since we are naturally stimulated by light, and this is the time when the most possible light is projected or reflected back to the Earth, why would we not act stimulated?  Maybe you might have more energy or not need as much sleep.  One 2021 study found that people sleep less, and they sleep less deeply, during a Full Moon.  There are no definitive studies linking mental health to Moon phases.

Daytime Full Moon.   © Kebba Buckley Button

But perhaps you have your own observations.  One day, I was at a business meeting, and I was commenting on having an unusual day.  A number of clients had called the office and wanted to change their appointments.  A dentist in the group said, whenever there is a Full Moon, “everybody” calls his office to change their appointments.  Does that greater Moon energy cause humans to be restless?  What do you think?  I wonder if pet owners notice any changes in their pets’ behavior or mood, around the Full Moon?

It seems this is a mystery that will not be definitively solved any time soon.  Meanwhile, ask yourself if you feel more restless or more energetic during the Full Moon.  Do you notice any mood changes for yourself?  In these days of electric lighting, which we turn on and off as desired, regardless of time of day, the Moonlight effects may not be what they were back in Biblical David’s shepherd days.  So I’ll just keep admiring that stunning orb and trying to get good photos of it, even in the daytime.

Enjoy the mysteries of the skies and feel the peace of joy and wonder.  And that will be you, ever more Healthy Happy and Loving Lifesm!

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