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I recently shared a brief way to break into meditation practice, in 8 quick steps (https://wp.me/pw4HM-1dw).  Many loved it, and some said they couldn’t meditate because their minds were too busy, like the yogini above, and just too full of chatter.  I promised to write a piece on instant calm for busy people, and that’s what brings us to today.  There are many ways I can share, to instantly calm yourself.  Here are 3 hand poses that will take you to calm very fast.

1. Gently place your hands together, palms touching.  The palms access your central nervous system and calm you instantly.  Now exhale.  Drop your shoulders.  Hold for one minute.  Feel the difference.  Feel the sides of your head let go and relax.  Feel your brain slow down.










2.  Place your hands in the classic prayer position, fingers intertwined.  You have now connected most of the meridians in your body to each other.  Exhale.  Drop your shoulders.  Hold for one minute.  Feel the difference as your whole body calms.  Try bringing your hands toward your forehead and leaning in.  Feel the difference.

3.  Place your hands together, palms touching.  Bring this position back to your chest and feel the heart connection.  Hold for one minute.  Notice your face relaxing. Feel the contrast as your mind, body, and spirit calm down.





Apply these moves whenever you need calm.  And let me know (kebba@kebba.com) what you notice in your thoughtstream, your body, and your skin.  And that would be you, increasingly Healthy Happy and Loving Lifesm!

Kebba Buckley Button is a stress management expert, holistic healer, and award-winning author who celebrates life.  She has a longtime natural healing practice and is an ordained minister. Among her books are: Discover The Secret Energized You (http://tinyurl.com/b44v3br), Inspirations for Peace Within:  Quotes and Images to Uplift and Inspire, and Sacred Meditation: Embracing the Divine.  The books are available on Amazon and through Kebba’s office.   They are also available in Scottsdale, Arizona, at the Franciscan Renewal Center bookstore and at the bookstore at St. Barnabas on the Desert Episcopal Church. Or simply email us to order:  kebba@kebba.com .  Thank you!

Happy healthy loving life

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