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Yesterday, I shared a quote poster with this wisdom from St. Teresa of Avila: “Let nothing perturb you, nothing frighten you. All things pass.  God does not change.  Patience achieves everything.”  St. Teresa of Avila is my favorite saint.  Many of her quotes have helped to keep me strong and somewhat serene during difficult times.

Let’s remember that caterpillars turn magically into butterflies or moths.  You can’t dig into a caterpillar and find its inner butterfly.  Actually, that impatience will destroy it.  But if you leave it undisturbed, and wait, at just the right time, the creature will unfold, display wings, and end up flying.  Patience achieves everything.  Hands off.

Yesterday and today, I had an exercise in this principle, dealing with the Social Security Administration.  As my husband recently passed, there is a lot of paperwork, and there are steps to accomplish one by one.  I have had a few meetings with Social Security staff by phone.  Six weeks ago, I received a kind letter from my local office (no visits due to COVID), acknowledging receipt of my Form XYZ, marriage license, and husband’s death certificate.  In that envelope, they were returning the originals I had provided, saying the information had been digitized.  That week I had two phone meetings with SSA staff, in which we together realized my husband’s previous wife (fully divorced about 16 years earlier) had applied for and received my widow’s benefits!  She had lied to this Federal agency, saying she was married to him and living with him at the time of his death!  No, she wasn’t.  I would have noticed. Goody goody!  I thought, she has finally committed a felony that the Feds will get her for.  We’ll see.

So yesterday, I got a USPS Informed Delivery post, showing me an image of an envelope from the SSA.  (If you don’t have Informed Delivery, do sign up this week on the USPS website– it’s free.)  From the image, I knew there existed an SSA letter, and it should have been delivered to my keylocked mailbox yesterday.  No letter arrived.  I said, all right, patience achieves everything.  Let’s be patient.  Today, I checked the website and found no mention of a letter (or check?).  Missing the letter, I phoned the SSA Help Line.  I waited awhile to be connected.  But patience achieves everything, so that wait was okay with me.  Result:  I was connected with a fine Helper.  Some things had not been properly connected, and my Helper was able to email to the Payments Center, to move things along.  Had I received the letter I was supposed to receive, I probably would not have called the Help Line, and the broken data connections would not have been identified, and my case would have been stalled out indefinitely.  Strange but true, and I’m giving you the short version.  Patience achieves everything.

There are good people everywhere, doing their best to get things moved along despite the Pandemic and literally billions of files to manage.  But patience achieves everything.  I got another good and kind SSA person on the phone, and now my SSA case will unfold its wings at the perfect time and begin to fly.  I am so grateful!  And that’s me, ever more Healthy Happy Loving Lifesm!  

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