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Every year, Girl Scout Cookie Season marks the beginning of Spring.  There are Girl Scouts with tables in front of grocery stores and at church events.  There are your friends with a cookie sales list, asking you to sign up and buy from their daughter the Girl Scout.  But the Girl Scouts of today have gone well beyond simply spreading the word that it’s Cookie Season.

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Decades ago, the uniforms were green tailored dresses. Today, they are pastel vests, usually a jade green.  The vests can be worn with any shorts outfit or pants outfit that today’s girls are used to wearing.  But the Girl Scouts have been innovating with more than fashion.  They are teaching business management. They use the cookie sales program to teach many skills: inventory, money management, app management—oh yes!  Search your app store for Cookie Finder, where you can put in your location or simply zip code, and you’ll find the nearest location of a cookie sales event or Girl Scout seller. Want to simply order online?  Of course you can!  Just look out for shipping charges.

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But wait, there’s more!  This morning, I saw a national news piece about Girl Scouts in Christiansburg, Virginia, delivering cookies by drone.  Yes!  A drone delivery company called Wing, a company related to Google, has been delivering library books and FedEx packages in Christiansburg since 2019. And now they deliver Girl Scout Cookies

So pick your flavor of cookie and get out your payment method.  The cookies will soon be with you, just like The Force. You’ll be helping a huge organization that helps girls grow into effective women.  And you will be even more Healthy Happy and Loving Lifesm.   

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