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20th Century Baker Nursery Sign

I was excited when I realized what I was seeing, right in front of me, at the Arcadia Color Nursery, on 52d Street in Phoenix:  the original Baker Nursery sign!  That day, it happened to be caressed by a fairyland-worthy curtain of weeping, blossoming branches.  In fact, we had just discovered the Arcadia Color Nursery that day (2020).  We were also discovering that members of the Baker family had decided to open this nursery after the closing of the Baker Nursery near 40th St. and Osborn.  The Baker nursery stood there from 1968, when Jim Baker purchased a failing nursery, according to newspaper accounts (Arizona Republic).

This classic sign must have graced that 9-acre property from about 1968 until the nursery closed in 2014.  Jim Baker sold the property to a developer, and now the Villas At Baker Park stand where once there were deeply tanned staff, tall trees, greenhouses and open tables covered with colorful blooms.  My Feng Shui Garden had flowers from Baker Nursery in every season.

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A few days ago, I wrote about our tendency to think of things as good or bad.  While I am still sad whenever I drive past the old Baker Nursery site and see the new homes, I am glad for the family and know they are blessed by the sale income.  So it feels bad that the nursery is gone, and it feels good that the family has hopefully done very well out of the redevelopment.

Today, I got another shock.  Looking for the phone number of Arcadia Color Nursery, I found a note on Yelp that said Moon Valley Nurseries had bought them out, and they closed as of February 1.  A commenter says Arcadia Color Nursery is closed for remodeling.  I do hope Moon Valley revives the site.  And maybe even leaves the iconic sign that says Baker Nursery, that leans against the wall of the outbuilding.

Like any individual plant, life always moves along and begins to look different. As we grieve the Past for a moment, we must then embrace the Now, in order to move into the Future we desire.  And that’s being ever more Healthy, Happy, and Loving Lifesm!  It’s up to you!  

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