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Protein for muscle wellness

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If you are tired, depleted, or wanting to build muscle mass, here are 5 things to know about protein.  If you ate a lot of sugary foods during the Holiday season, you’ll want to print this list! Keep in mind, we should all be getting 12-18% of our calories from protein.

  1. High-protein foods move more slowly through your system and keep you from feeling hungry.
  2. Protein doesn’t have to mean meat.  It could mean fish, cheese, eggs, nuts, peas/beans/lentils, hemp seeds, or quinoa.
  3. Complete proteins have all 9 essential amino acids.  Incomplete proteins have fewer than the 9 essential amino acids.  But combining these with foods that contain the missing amino acids can still give you complete protein.  Foods containing complete proteins include: eggs, cheese, meat, soy, and quinoa.
  4. Protein can be quick.  You can buy protein powders to blend into shakes, such as: soy, whey, pea, and mixtures.  Of course, you can buy protein drinks already mixed. Some brands have as much as 30 grams of protein in one tasty serving.  Plus, you can use these pre-mixed protein drinks as coffee creamer.  Just do not confuse energy drinks with protein drinks!  Be sure the label says the product is a protein drink.  
  5. Protein can be portable.  Jerky, beef- or turkey sticks, and nuts come pre-packaged and can travel in your purse, waist pack, or laptop case.  They also do well in your desk drawer.  Many bottled protein drinks do not require refrigeration, so they also are very portable.

So if you’re rebuilding after an injury or illness, or you want better muscle tone, or you’re losing weight, mind your protein intake, and enjoy your stronger health!

For more on proteins, see:  Happy Healthy Loving Life: Foods With More Protein Than Eggs (https://wp.me/pw4HM-Ll) from last month.  What proteins do you like best?  What forms work best for you?

Enjoy your protein journey!  Here’s to living more in the realm of Healthy, Happy, and Loving Lifesm!  


Kebba Buckley Button is a stress solutions expert, holistic guide, and award-winning author who celebrates life.  She has a longtime energy healing practice and is an ordained minister. Among her books are: Discover The Secret Energized You (http://tinyurl.com/b44v3br), Inspirations for Peace Within:  Quotes and Images to Uplift and Inspire, and Sacred Meditation: Embracing the Divine.  The books are available on Amazon and through Kebba’s office.   To email us, kebba@kebba.com .

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