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Today, I share a story that means the World to me.  It started about 30 years ago, when I was single and living in a cozy apartment.  One balmy Saturday evening, I was debating going to a party at the home of a couple I knew well.  Their parties were always easygoing fun, and I knew dozens of friends would be there.  Tempting as that was, I am a quiet person and just love staying home.  I love to paint, create some new recipe, or design a new garment.  So time rolled by, as I debated going to the party or not.  Or going.  Or not.  

Finally, I realized I was stuck.  Really stuck!  On impulse, I looked up and asked the air, “Well, what do YOU think?” I was shocked to hear a prompt, clear answer: “You will go.  You will get dressed; you will look cute.  You will meet  interesting people!”

So I quickly got dressed and went to the party.  In the back yard, I saw a very handsome man I had never met before.  His name turned out to be Ron.  

A mere 18 years later, Ron asked me out, and we went to dinner and a movie.  Within 3 weeks, we knew we were meant for each other, and we knew that God was our matchmaker.  We have now been happily married for 12 years. 

So, listen when the Air talks!  It could be an important message from our Sponsor, leading you further into:  the realm of Healthy, Happy, and Loving Lifesm!


Kebba Buckley Button is a stress solutions expert and award-winning author who celebrates life.  She also has a longtime natural healing practice and is an ordained minister. Among her books are: Discover The Secret Energized You (http://tinyurl.com/b44v3br), Inspirations for Peace Within:  Quotes and Images to Uplift and Inspire, and Sacred Meditation: Embracing the Divine.  The books are available on Amazon and through Kebba’s office.   To email us, kebba@kebba.com .

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