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Fall is a special time in the U.S.  The pleasures of Fall have their own transformative qualities.  One of my most vivid and joyful memories in life took place in the Fall in New York State.  We were driving south toward New York City on the Taconic Parkway. (Above is a photo as the Taconic Parkway looked when I first saw it.) Leaves were showering.  The near sky was golden, copper, and red, flickering and ever-changing and seemingly infinite.  It was a magical experience I still remember vividly– a time of deep peace.

Shira Tamir said,

Anyone who thinks fallen leaves are dead has never seen them dancing on a windy day.

In the Fall, the summer flowers at homes are replaced with Fall varieties.  The endlessly beautiful leaves have their own woody fragrance. Streets sound different as the trees release their leaves and the pavement becomes padded.  Dogs bark at the falling leaves, and rakes try to keep up.  Dogs and children complete to leap into piles of leaves.  Back patios are redolent with the steaming fragrances of turkey or chickens in the smokers.  It’s the perfect time to stack wood and have evening fires.

Doorways now sport orange, red, and copper wreaths, and Autumn objects. There are now displays of crates, straw bales, and pumpkins, even straw people.  Skeletons and skulls for Halloween and All Saints Day.

Inside, there’s baking, the sweet smells of spices.  There are the sounds of baking pans clinking on oven shelves, cabinet doors clunking open and closed, open and closed.  Soups, chili.  Roasted potatoes and yams.  Gourds arranged on the dining table. Piles of fudge and cookies go into vintage tins.

Further afield, farms offer apple picking and corn field maze walking.  We hike old farm trails in Sedona, stopping at farm stands for corn to roast and apples to bake into pies.  There are evening hayrides with bonfires and singing, hot cider and roasted marshmallows and s’mores. Some are preparing their warm clothes in team colors for tomorrow’s football game.

Iconic author F. Scott Fitzgerald said,

Life starts all over again when it gets crisp in the Fall.

Let the Fall pleasures wash over you and shift your beingness into the next season. Embrace and savor the seasonal joys.  Let them bring you deep peace.  And now you’re in the realm of Healthy Happy Loving Loving Lifesm!


Kebba Buckley Button is a stress management expert and award-winning author who celebrates life.  She also has a longtime natural healing practice and is an ordained minister. Among her books are: Discover The Secret Energized You (http://tinyurl.com/b44v3br), Inspirations for Peace Within:  Quotes and Images to Uplift and Inspire, and Sacred Meditation: Embracing the Divine.  The books are available on Amazon and through Kebba’s office.   To email us, kebba@kebba.com .

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