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Today is World Day of Peace, appointed by the United Nations as an annual day of peace and ceasefire.  Even the Taliban has been cooperating with taking a day off from war, allowing humanitarian aid to flow into strife-torn areas.  For more on activities for this annual day, use your search bar to learn more about Jeremy Gilley, the founder and probably Chief Optimist of the movement, “Peace One Day”.  Many of us believe we can have peace in our time.  Today, in Phoenix, Arizona, about 250 people will gather at 6 pm, at the Franciscan Renewal Center, dressed in purple.  We will form the word, “MERCY”.  Like the word HOPE, in the photo above, our stubborn hearts believe that we are moving forward and helping to build the peace we wish to see.

Our beautiful planet and its 7 billion human tenants need peace now.  The other beings on the Planet need peace now.  The plant systems and climate systems on this extraordinary world need peace now.  There has been much upheaval lately, in climatic and human affairs.

We are at choice as to how we can help this peace come about.  We need to be good global citizens, work for social justice, develop our individual Peace Within, and pray often.  Number one is to keep ourselves grounded in our Peace Within, so we can keep up with the other needs.  Even prayer must come from a peaceful, hopeful, trusting heart.

With so many people so stressed out today, and with so many social issues hurting large numbers, it is crucial to stay as grounded and clear as you can, even joyful and grateful.  This is a major way you can help the Planet, and it’s a skill set.  Study positive ideas and books (such as Peace Within: Your Peaceful Inner Core), explore your faith, and keep returning to positive languaging and beliefs.  Learn to meditate, taking classes and increasing your personal peace-maintaining skills.  The more Peace Within you cultivate, the better your relationships will be, and the better able you will be to do what you can to help bring forth peace in our time.   Gandhi said,

If we could change ourselves, the tendencies in the world would also change. As a man changes his own nature, so does the attitude of the world change towards him. … We need not wait to see what others do.

For more on what you can do to bring about world peace, read the article Peace In Our Time: 3 Ways You Can Help ( http://wp.me/pyEwf-6C ) .  Then work on your Peace Within, and choose some other simple ways to help the World.  You can be a part of building the world your children will inherit.  And that’s Upbeat Living!


Energy, Peace, Meditation, stress, Peace Within, Upbeat Living

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