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A frequently –quoted proverb says, “Nothing is new under the sun.”  There is a similar Bible quote that means something rather different, and we’ll discuss that in a future article.  For now, let’s think of all the people we’ve heard say there’s nothing new, nothing more for humans to learn, and no more silver bullets to be discovered.  Ha!

The people who say those things have been sitting at their desks too long, going around in circles in their personal worlds, and they are bored.  There is a commercial where a Victorian-looking man asks, “Remember when I said I wanted to invent the telephone? And what did you say?”  A voice answers, “I said you were crazy”. The telephone was new in its time and is constantly being re-invented as a hand-held computer.  I call mine my “smart box”.  I can look up anything on my smart box. No more going to my parents’ living room and digging through the encyclopedias.  The smart box is always new, always offers to refresh our minds.

A fresh news item this week is the re-invention of the blimp.  This one is called “The Flying Bum” Airship because it looks much like a human behind, from behind.  It’s filled with helium, and the Brits are optimistic they can make it viable and serviceable.  Meanwhile, its appearance is great for a chuckle in any country.

There are at least 2 series of books that can help you know that you don’t know what can be known, and that some of what you know isn’t what you could know correctly about that at all.  Got that?  That is, not all of what people think is true is actually true at all. The first is the Useless Information series.  This started with a British team, the Useless Information Society, which brought forth a few books, and then it became US-centric but continued the brand for a few more books.  I read a few pages of one of these books every evening, to clear my mind before going to sleep.  Topics range from science to sports to entertainment to geography to events: every topic there is.   The second book series starts with The Book of General Ignorance.  That series has one-page articles based on questions you never thought to ask.

Here’s a favorite factoid from The Incredible Book of Useless Information:  “Humans are the only species that shed emotional tears.  The smell of a woman’s emotional tears has been shown to lower testosterone levels in men, thereby reducing aggression and sexual arousal.”  This biotruth may not be new in the Universe, but it was new and surprising to me.  And I love being surprised with fun factoids.

Now here’s a new factoid in my world this week:  there is an iron that has little feet on the soleplate.  The little feet descend to your fabric, with a tiny hum, when you pause over a spot on the item you’re ironing.  The feet prevent scorching, and they make me smile. Who thinks of these things?  Well, now I have one, and I enjoy the smiling.   There’s something new under the sun in my home.

How about you?  What’s new in your world this week?  Refresh your mind and you’ll stay firmly and delightfully in Upbeat Livingsm.


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