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In Upbeat Livingsm, gratitude is a major dimension of living, creating, and getting the life you want.  As it happens, today, I am completing a 31-day writing challenge, the Ultimate Blog Challenge, and I am feeling overwhelming gratitude.  Here is some of what I’m experiencing gratitude for.

  • The organizers of the Ultimate Blog Challenge, Paul Taubman and Danni Ackerman, for setting it up again and running it every 3 months, for a full month each time.
  • The discipline of assembling the components of an article every day: theme, photo or 2, poster, quotes, text, format, publishing, sharing. I can see that time and structure translating to my next project:  getting my new website done.  That seems much easier now.  Bite off, chew, bite off, chew.
  • The core participants, who teamed along most steadily and supported each other throughout. I will miss interacting with them, but I’ll keep up with some who have become friends.  I am grateful to have gotten to know them better, and to count on their values and sensibilities.  A few of these are Ken Weliever, Jeanine Byers, Vicki Maheu, Cindy Browning O’Donnell, Martha DeMeo, Tammy Rome, Karen Lee Banks, Alice Gerard, Maria Silvo, Nick Roseblade, Alana Mautone, Nicole Bianchi, and Paul Taubman.
  • An odd feeling of being motivated by my success in systematically completing this Challenge. So often we think motivation breeds success.  But I’m very present, just now, to the opposite effect:  success breeds motivation.
  • A new cheery comfort with using only closed-top mugs in my office. It may sound minor, but it eliminates a possible repeat of the Great Hot Chocolate Incident of 2011.  It’s saving massive future time and money.
  • A refreshed collection of articles on my blog. Blog visitors will generally start from the most recent article, and even if they read through 31 articles, they will be seeing my freshest and best work.  I expect to continue blogging weekly, midweek, with my spiritual email still going out on Sunday evenings.
  • Google listings! Google has picked up some of my articles and a number of my images!  It’s the articles with the most comments that it shows.  So those comments, friends, are literally very valuable.  Huge thanks to anyone who read and commented on my articles this month, and always.

So I’m whelmed with joy and overwhelmed with gratitude.  Thank you!  I look forward to our further adventures.  Will you keep me posted on your journey?  And in gratitude, that’s Upbeat Living!


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Energy – Peace – Meditation

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