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Part of the Upbeat Livingsm philosophy is that we need to use our creativity to keep our thinking and our lifestyles fresh; for example, how many ways can you repurpose the simple, disposable chopsticks from an Asian eatery?  I have found chopsticks are terrific tools, without even painting them glossy or trimming them to use as dowels.  I was awakened to the incredible versatility of these humble devices, when one day, I looked at my water crock (held a 3-gallon bottle) and suddenly saw it needed…something.

My crock had a blue line but no other decoration.  I pulled out a box with about 30 craft paint bottles in it, and I stared at the crock.  It was glossy.  A brush wouldn’t work.  So I reached for a chopstick, dipped the large end in paint, and began making colorful lines of dots, parallel to the blue line.  When I was done, there were about 6 lines of dots, and both the look and the energy of the crock were completely different.   Since that fateful day, I have seen chopsticks turn into tools for all kinds of jobs.  And no guilt:  you were going to throw them away anyway, weren’t you?  Here is a list of 25 of my favorite uses for chopsticks.  See if this list inspires you.  stress, chopsticks, Upbeat Living, Kebba Buckley Button, creativity

  • Pick up food to eat
  • Pick up noodles, from pot or bowl
  • Style hair
  • Build into art projects
  • Small end- clean pesto from threads of rocket blender
  • Large end- stir pesto through noodles, tube pasta, or fusilli
  • Either end- paint impressionist art one dot at a time
  • Small end- pierce foil seal of yogurt when seal refuses to politely roll off when tab is pulled
  • Small end- break vacuum seal on pound jar of nuts so you can pull pieces of the seal away
  • Lift hot teabag out of a tall mug or teapot
  • Large end- Stir/whip protein powder into moo in tall glass for protein shake
  • Large end- stir powdered Vitamin C drink-  [dissolves better due to square end]
  • Large end, or 2 chopsticks held together with large ends 1/4” apart- briskly beat one or 2 eggs
  • Large end- reach, snag, and pull watch or glasses which are otherwise out of reach on your desk
  • Large end- make hole in center of beef patty to broil evenly
  • Small end on its side- crimp edges of pie crust before baking
  • Pop bubble when frittata or omelette forms one.
  • Small end stuck in soil, fasten plant that needs support
  • Separate spaghetti or fettuccine while cooking
  • Adjust food presentation on plate by tiny distances, to perfect the look for photography or Mom
  • Small end covered by dust cloth, run along inner edges of picture frames or smartphone/smart pad screens to get that last dust out of there
  • Small end- apply single drops of glue or cement to repair torn leather
  • Small end- make 1-3 punctures in top of banana to help snap stem end off
  • Mix tiny amounts of craft paints to get perfect match for furniture touch-ups
  • [What else can you think of?]

In what other ways have you ever used chopsticks?  May I add those to my collection?  Do you have a picture?  Has this piece “about chopsticks” made any other kinds of creativity or repurposing ideas flow into your mind?  Yes, that’s Upbeat Living!  And I hope you have a joyful day!


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