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Today, I urge you to consider reducing your stress by ending all excuse-making. It doesn’t help you or your responsibilities.  It weakens you, your relationships, and any products you are delivering late. You can do your best to complete your commitments in a timely manner, or you can make excuses. If you are routinely running late, it’s time to change how much you commit to.  It’s making you look bad and frustrating everyone involved.

When you were a kid, you probably remember some other kid telling the teacher, “[T]he dog ate my homework!’  The kid’s excuse was the reason s/he gave for not having the homework done, or at least not having it to turn in.  The “excuse” was offered to hopefully get out of the responsibility for the commitment, in this case, arriving with completed homework.  The kid was not taking responsibility.

A friend produces an e-newsletter every week, for a large group.  As Editor, with the needs for list maintenance and editing the event submittals every week, she spends an average of a half day a week on the e-newsletter.  She finishes the newsletter event section each week, when a particular movie event submittal comes in.  The movie event obviously depends on theater listings, which don’t come out until Friday morning each week.  Recently, my editor friend received an email request, just as she was finishing sending the week’s e-newsletter.  The Late Requester wanted her to send out an event announcement for a couple of days forward.

My friend e-replied that the e-newsletter had already gone out for the week.  She said she had needed the event information by the night before, or at the latest, by 9 am that morning.  She highlighted the section of the e-newsletter that always gave the deadline.  The Late Requester wrote again, asking if the Editor couldn’t make an exception just this one time; the Late Requester said she had been waiting for the entertainment listing to be determined, so she would not create a conflict with the entertainment event for the same date.  The Editor and the Requestor had been sent the entertainment event information 5 hours before the late request.  The Editor chose not to waste her time and energy replying again.

Are you curious?  What was the Late Requester doing during the 5 hours between the time the entertainment event details were emailed to her and the time she emailed the Editor?  And why did the Late Requester not dial the phone and ask the Editor to “hold the presses”?  The Editor’s phone number is conveniently listed in every week’s e-newsletter, as well as in the print newsletter, and on the group’s websites.  If you think the Late Requester could have been more effective, then you understand that “waiting for the entertainment event details” was simply an excuse.  Further, did the Late Requester think, with a good enough excuse, that the e-newsletter would magically retract in time and not-have-gone-out?  She missed the deadline!  The e-news was gone across the e-waves!  The Late Requester would have received her own copy by then!  Is that what made her realize she meant to submit a listing?  Let’s exhale together now.

If, like the Late Requester, you love making excuses, rather than taking responsibility for making things go the way you want, you may love this website:  http://madtbone.tripod.com/, or, “The Mother of All Excuses Place”.  The site was inspired by a wealth of excuses people in a particular workplace offered, for not coming to work for the day.  The collection was so entertaining that it expanded to include sections for:  missing school and homework excuses, police or accident excuses, kids excuses, getting out of family events and holiday functions, breaking dates, doctor excuses, doctors note, missing church, wedding, diet excuses, why I ate that, debt excuses, tax excuses, not paying the rent, getting out of home repair excuses, unwanted house guest excuses, jury duty, defense excuses, not voting, no sex, miscellaneous excuses, excuses for becoming addicted to online slots, excuse related humor, and more.

If what you want is the best life you can create, consider ending all excuse making!  Take responsibility to empower yourself and have better results everywhere.  And that’s Upbeat Living!


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