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Stress, evil, Upbeat Living, at choice, Don't give in to evilA major piece of the Upbeat Livingsm lifestyle choice is not letting evil get to you: Don’t Give in to Evil!  When we are in Upbeat Living, we celebrate the good, and we select the highest and best thoughts, languaging, actions,and experiences.  These choices lead us into better brain health, stronger relationships and families, more joy, and longer and healthier lives.  The apostle Paul said [Phillipians 4:8],

Brothers and sisters, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable—if anything is excellent or praiseworthy—think about such things.

This week I wrote about celebrating freedom, and I talked about France’s annual July 14th celebration of independence, widely known as Bastille Day.  I urged readers to think about and celebrate their own freedom.  Yesterday, many thousands of nice people gathered to watch July 14th  fireworks in France, the UK, Belgium, the Czech Republic, and a number of other countries.  Suddenly, in Nice, France, a huge truck rammed through the crowds, with a single driver using an automatic weapon to kill as many as possible.  This is evil.  This act was a celebration of taking evil to the maximum level this individual could manage.  There were at least 10 children among the 84 dead, and a number of people are on life support at this hour.

The point of this kind of evil is to paralyze your mind, heart, and actions.  So don’t let it.  Whenever you feel fear of people who are violent or simply nasty, think an opposite thought.  Think of ministries in third world countries, making sure children have sandals on their feet and meals and medical care.  Think of nonprofits rescuing girls from human trafficking.  Think of India passing legislation against child slavery.  Think of Worldfish, an organization helping hungry countries develop their own food supplies through fisheries.  Think of the animal welfare organizations that have convinced major circuses to retire their elephants and create elephant sanctuaries; this is happening 2 years earlier than originally planned.  Think of the infant orangutans, snatched from their mothers to be pets for people, rescued by animal welfare organizations and now living with other orangutans, not isolated, but in sanctuaries.  Think of food banks providing free food for those who need it.  Think of some good you can wreak on the world.

You have a right to the best internal life you can muster, and you are always at choice. You have a right to choose gratitude and joy.  So Don’t Give in to Evil.  It’s your life!  And that’s Upbeat Living.


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