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Wondrously, you can literally beat stress with laughing.  Laughter generates endorphins that dissolve the biochemistry of negative stress. It isn’t your imagination!  So we should each be developing an arsenal of things that definitely make us laugh.  In the world of video, one of the funniest and most dear videos rippling around the Internet currently is an “instructional video” on how to get your toddler to clean the house (http://www.godvine.com/Dad-s-How-To-Get-Your-Toddler-To-Clean-The-House-Is-Hilarious-9347.html) . Your mouth won’t be sure whether it wants to laugh or keep saying, “awwwww”.

Totally funny videos of bulldogs and babies is found by simply searching for “bulldogs and babies videos”.  You world will change as you laugh through the images of bulldogs attempting to gently make friends with babies.  Of all the videos I have seen in recent months, I laughed the hardest at “Silent Monks Hallelujah Chorus”, in which cards are held up to encourage the audience to sing along.  Impish variations surprise and make you laugh.  While you’re locating these videos, ask yourself what videos or movies have recently been making you laugh?  Make a list.

Harry Ward Beecher said,

Mirth is God’s best medicine.

Laughter feels good!  It makes you relax, from your muscles to your skin to your attitude. Laughing very hard can cause you to clutch your spasming abdomen, gasp for breath, drool a bit, and wipe your teary eyes.  A good, hearty laugh can make you feel refreshed, even totally rested.  And there are medical benefits: improved immune function (fewer allergies and illnesses with regular laughter) and better blood vessel function, leading to better blood pressure than when you are stressed.

Researchers note laughter is both symptomatic of happy relationships and contagious, creating more social connection and happiness.  Women laugh about a quarter more than men.  Those who say they laugh a lot also tend to be in good health.  Laughter therapy is used for cancer patients, who find it helps their quality of life.  The endorphins that laughter causes to release are brain chemicals that can reduce pain and stiffness.  In a low-cost and fun way!

Proverbs 17:22 offers:

A merry heart doeth good like medicine. 


And sure enough, laughter is a part of our makeup.  Babies start laughing when they are as young as 10 weeks.  And adults are immediately drawn in, trying to see what they can do to get the baby to laugh again.  Watch a normally calm parent of a 3-month-old, making faces and tickling the baby, producing any noise or gesture that will make the little one laugh.  The urge to get a laugh is right up there with the urge to laugh.

What makes you laugh until you cry?  Do that more!  In fact, fill your life with as much laughter as you can. It’s your life, your health, and your relationships.  And that, friends, is Upbeat Livingsm.


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