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Is Summer blazing hot and really dry where you live?  Some only think of the heat stress. Yet, life can be beautiful in these conditions.  I want you to thrive all the time.  That’s Upbeat Livingsm And in the Summer heat, that goal can be challenging.  But you’ll soon be up for it if you’ve read all 4 of my summer thriving articles, and started following the tips.  This is the third of the 4 articles.

In the last 2 articles on dealing with the hottest Summer days, I covered :

  • Protecting your body and skin
  • Getting enough rest, and
  • Strategizing to have the most energy you can

In this article, I offer ideas on how to eat cool to keep cool! [Yes, we’ll cover what to drink, next time.]  This is not always the cold foods you would think.  Follow these three tips to switch what you swallow, to feel your best:

  1. Set your goal to get the most energy out of whatever you swallow. Think of it this way: part of the art of eating well and healthfully in the hottest times of summer is having quick food to grab—the right quick food.  Because you and your family will often come home tired on blasting hot days, you’ll be grateful to yourself for keeping healthy cool foods ready to eat.  Some of these could be:  celery sticks, jicama sticks, cucumber slices, cherry tomatoes, avocados, cherries, berries, grapes, bananas, pineapple chunks, dates, peaches, nectarines, yogurts with live cultures, sushi California rolls, roasted chicken (available at your grocery store), pan-broiled salmon (you made it last night and chilled it), tuna salad (you made it last night and chilled it), hard-boiled eggs, boiled organic potato chunks, cans of organic beans or chick peas, raw almonds or cashews, and a variety of olives.  You might call this collection, “the fastest slow food you can get”.
  2. Buy it and bring it home. Your grocery store now has trays of veggies, trays of fruits, prepared chicken, and even heat-and-eat ribs. There are organic salads ready-to-go and organic salad kits in bags. Green salad is your friend, and as light greens go, Romaine lettuce is the most energizing.  It’s the lettuce in every “Caesar Salad”, prepared or in a kit.  As dark greens go, kale is the star of the nutritional show. Have a large dark green salad for dinner almost every night, with pieces of potato, avocado, and chicken.  Topped lightly with your favorite dressing, it’s a quick and restorative meal.  You’ll feel alert and clear-minded all evening, and then you’ll sleep well.
  3. Order ahead and pick it up from a café. Many cafés and other restaurants have salad bars and other fresh menu options that match the criteria in Tip #1: if you’re going to eat it, it has to give you energy.  Put the phone numbers of your favorite restaurants in your phone.  Make it easy for yourself and your family to feel good and be healthy.

Can you have great days and wonderful relationships in the desert summer season?  Absolutely, you can.  Eat well for the weather, follow the other tips in this series, and you will sail triumphantly through the hot season!  And that’s Upbeat Living!


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