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Recently ( http://wp.me/pw4HM-uL) I offered help with daystarters:  ways to help yourself lower wake-up stress, get up and get in the swing of your day.  After all, my mission is to help you to enjoy your life and thrive to the maximum degree possible.  And part of that is waking up and getting off to a good start.  One of the things I mentioned was alarm clocks that display a progressive light, one that brightens to simulate the sun rising.  The light stimulates your brain and metabolism through your eyelids. stress, wakeup stress, daystarters, alarms with lights, Upbeat Living

There was enough interest in the alarm lights that I decided to share several types today.  These products range mainly from around $50 to $250, so you’ll want to shop before you commit.  They are made by a range of traditional and high-tech companies.

The first light-alarm clock I ever saw was made by Big Ben, the people who brought us round alarm clocks with two little bells on top.  Originally, you would wind up these alarm clocks each night.  The sound they made when the alarm went off in the morning was really intense.  Tiny clappers hit the two top bells with a fury.  But today’s Moon Beam Alarm Clock, while looking retro, has modern features.  It’s an electric with snooze options, and the light comes on and flashes for 5 minutes before the alarm makes any sound.  There’s also a backlight for the dial.  The only source I know for this clock is L. L. Bean, and it’s about $49.

A modern and inexpensive lighted clock is the GPCT Starry Sky Projection Clock.  This model will play you songs or sounds to help you sleep, or to wake you in the morning.  It will project a starry sky as part of its wake-up routine.  This compact unit offers time, timer, alarm, temperature, and music modes, together with a snooze feature.  Available through Amazon, it retails for only $10.

The most impressive light alarm clock I’ve seen is made by Phillips.  It’s the HF3520.  It has the high-tech look you would expect from Phillips, almost resembling a headlamp looking at you from an angle. This light retails for about $140 on Amazon.  It simulates sunrise with increasing colored light, and in the evening, you can set it to simulate sunset.  It has a number of sounds from nature that you can select to help you wake up.  It also has an  FM radio and snooze feature.

If the idea of adding light to your alarm clock’s repertoire interests you, try putting “alarm clock with light” into your favorite search bar.  Prepare to be dazzled at the available array of products.  Soon you’ll be waking up gently and feeling your metabolism rise to greet the day.  And that’s Upbeat Livingsm!


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