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Break-in November 18, 2014

He gave us Break-In Stress and a New Normal.  Let’s call the man “X”.  He was finally sentenced this week, a year and a half after he changed our lives.  A year and a half after my stomach started living in a knot.  Mr. X will have to pay restitution for the window damage and the cash rental payment he lifted off the dining room table.  He will not have to pay for my tension or the cleanup of the broken glass (still being found months later), the broken mirrors, or the cuts on the furniture.  The court mandated he pay us $1300.  And if he does make those payments to the court, his felony will be converted to a misdemeanor.

I’m having trouble letting go of Break-In Stress. Maybe that’s part of my New Normal.  Maybe it always will be. I want to share with you my letter to the court, which I read aloud at the final sentencing hearing, this week.  I had to write it, even if it didn’t change the sentence or X himself.  At the end of the hearing, the judge did assign 36 months probation with X having to pay the court system $65 per month to administer his probation, plus $50 per month for our damages.  Here’s my letter.

RE:  State vs. (X)

While we were out to dinner one night, Mr. X broke into our home, through the kitchen window, in November 2014, destroying a screen and its frame, a glass window and its frame, and breaking slats of the wooden blinds at that window.  He turned all the lights on and raced through the house, removing electronics, and breaking and cutting various furniture and décor on the way.  He took $900 cash that was lying on the dining table, and had he not been seen by a neighbor and stopped by police, he would next have taken my $3000 computer, which is my livelihood.  It was next to the suitcase he emptied for the next haul.

This is not just an issue of someone breaching our privacy, damaging our property, and stealing a $900 rent payment —which was also a part of our livelihood.  It’s an issue of changing our lives.  As long as we have the recliners that were new when Mr. X was in our home, we will see those cuts in the leather every time we look at the recliners.  It is hard, now, to relax in our home. My husband could think of nothing else for several days.  He lived on the internet, searching for security systems.  Now we live with an electronic surveillance and alarm system that reports directly to the police. Our cost of living has gone up by about $60 per month for that system, or about $750 so far. 

Many hours of our professional time were laid waste by many postponements of these proceedings over the 1 ½ years since the crime.  I had to forgo speaking engagements and individual appointments with clients, because I was perpetually saving a few days of the next week.

I hope that Mr. X will take this day as a turning point in his life.  I hope that he will imagine the life he wants and then point his efforts toward making a good life happen, if only for that baby I saw in the court hallway.   We all have choices every day. I hope the Commissioner will designate a probationary period of at least 26 months, and we hope Mr. X will pay us the $1300 restitution we have requested, which does NOT cover many of our tangible and intangible costs.  If we are paid $50 per month for 26 months, we will have been repaid what we requested.

Our thanks to all the attorneys, court personnel, and everyone who has helped bring this matter to this conclusion. Sincerely, (Signed by me)

After any event like this, we need to somehow get back into our Upbeat Living.  Have any of you ever experienced a break-in?  How did it make you feel, at the time, and later?  Were you able to continue enjoying that home?  What did you do or say to comfort yourselves?  I would like to hear about your experience.     ______________________________________________________

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