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Perhaps this is the ultimate two-pronged Lightsaber for cutting down stress and building the life you want: cultivating your radiance. Huh?  Stay with me.

I recently went to the memorial service of one of the most radiant women I have ever known.  She was married to her soulmate for 35 years and was an award-winning chef.  She had children and a grandchild, siblings, friends, cousins, and many, many fans. Her life was marked by a special joyful satisfaction in helping others reach their potential: at a special camp, in classes she taught, and in her relationships.  She looked really ill on Easter morning, but she still wore that blazing, joyful smile and air of apparent optimism.  The cancer closed her eyes that week.  I believe she loved everyone, and they felt her love.  Her memorial service was the largest I have ever seen.

Another recent passing was a 30-year friend I met when I worked for the Army Corps of Engineers (really) as a hydrologist.  He was my supervisor, lucky me.  This man was a civil engineer.  He was effective, clear-minded and serene, laughing easily and helping others to be comfortable.  People knew they could tell their truth to him.  He seemed not to have stress at all.  One coworker called him “Dad”.  He was happily married for the last 35 years.  I believe people felt his unequivocal loving radiance.  His memorial service was mobbed.

Several months ago, we lost another amazing friend.  He had achieved great wealth through building a business, from which he was now retired.  Now he played golf as often as possible and enjoyed dinners and other outings with his wife of 30 years.  He married her knowing she had M.S., and knowing there might never be protocols for that condition.  But he was a generous-hearted man with a loving sense of adventure.  My husband knew him through the Shrine, which raises money for its own specialty hospitals for burned and crippled children.  Our friend rode with the motorcycle unit in parades for a number of years.  Wherever this man went, he asked people about themselves and their dreams.  He listened.  He was generous. The hundreds at his memorial service included dozens who were employees of the Biltmore Country Club, where he played golf.  Our radiant friend loved them and cared about them, and they knew it.  I have never heard so many people speak at a memorial.

Each of these three souls had a generous heart and cared greatly about people.  They took joy in uplifting others, and that uplifted them.  They listened.  They were present to others’ cares and dreams.  They extended themselves to help others reach their potential.  They cultivated their enthusiasm, their joy, their radiance.  They let their Light shine, and others were warmed forever by that Light.  Did these three have stress?  I think they disregarded stress when it tried to come their way.  They were too busy shining Light wherever they could.  They were too busy loving others.

Stress has no power in the face of great creative light.   If you are a person of faith, remember that Mark 5:16 advises us all to “let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father in Heaven.”  And some people seem to pull that Heavenly Light through into their lives, sharing it with all.  Would that be a life you would want?

That would be Upbeat Living!   ______________________________________________________

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