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Today, I had Rudeness Stress for 20 minutes.  Someone was rude to me, in comments about one of my articles, and I was trying to decide how to respond, or if I should.  I had spent a lot of time selecting a photo and building a quote poster, and of course, writing an article I passionately believed would help people with stress.  The Rude Responder had a personal issue and saw it somehow in an aspect of the quote poster, in the background of the photo.  Yes, seriously!  Her Hot Topic was nothing whatever to do with the theme of my article.  Yet, she kept posting Facebook comments on her Hot Topic, more and more fervently, since no one was giving her the response she wanted: either a fight or an agreement.

Clearly, this woman was not familiar with my work, or she might have interacted very differently.  I teach positivity and boundaries, among other principles.  The woman was wasting her time and energy, dwelling on a negative topic she imagined was hidden in my quote poster, and over which she had no control.  So she sustained her own stress over at least a half hour period, as she kept posting the increasingly insistent anxious comments.  She was also completely off-topic for the article, and several kind comments from others did not pull her back to the topic.

When you think repeatedly about unpleasant situations, your body takes instruction from your brain.  It responds exactly as if you were actually in the stressful situation. You then feel stressed and tired and can’t think clearly.  As I struggled to explain or excuse the RR’s behavior, I felt myself getting tense.  Finally, I took my own advice to end my energy investment in this negative stress.  I cleaned out the RR’s comments and unfriended her.  Someone else’s rudeness is your opportunity to practice your boundaries and make the right energy choices.

A friend commented that this sequence dovetailed nicely with my recent articles on Junk Stress.  In those articles, I argued we should clear away anything we don’t need and then enjoy our cleaner, clearer, more energized environment.  I got the RR’s negative stress out of my life in only a short time and alleviated the Rudeness Stress I was experiencing. I do believe I’m feeling lighter, looser, and younger already!  And that’s Upbeat Living!


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