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Ever wonder if you have Junk Stress?  You have Junk Stress if you have extra Stuff and wish you didn’t.  Especially if you are aware that your extra Stuff is slowing you down in any way.  And let’s be honest, since no one is looking at your answers right now:  if you let people into your office or home, they will instantly and effortlessly see your Junk Stress.

So how deep is your case of Junk Stress? Take this quick quiz:

  1. Have you been having trouble finding something important, because it’s deep in a cabinet full of Stuff?
  2. Are you unable to find your favorite muffin tin in under 2 minutes?
  3. Have you recently tried to file something, but your files are too full, or you can’t find your 2 boxes of file folders?  So the Important Item goes into a pile of similar Filing Orphans?
  4. Have you recently had to step around something that’s stored on the floor?
  5. Have you recently tripped over something you’re trying to step around, which is stored on the floor?
  6. Do you have no idea where your college and grad school diplomas, or professional certificates, are?
  7. Do you still have dishes or mugs you never use or display, but they remind you of fun or dear times past?
  8. Do you have any stacks of publications that can now be found free online?
  9. Are you allergic to dust but cannot clean around the stacks in your office fast enough to eliminate this month’s dust before next month?
  10. Are you, to any degree, feeling crowded by the volume of Stuff in your home or office?

If you answered, “yes!”, “right!”, or “how does she know me so well?” to any of these questions, you definitely have Junk Stress.  And here is my challenge to you:  if you can put in 10 hours per week, you can clear these issues in about 1 week per “yes”.  Will you consider the challenge?  To help you decide, since I live to help you reduce your stress, next time, we’ll talk about the two secret causes of Junk Stress and how to actually beat it!

If you are considering letting go of any Stuff at all, congratulations!  You are now stepping into Upbeat Living!


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  • Kebba Buckley Button is a stress management expert.  She also has a natural healing practice and is an ordained minister. She is the author of the award-winning book, Discover The Secret Energized You, plus the 2013 book, Peace Within:  Your Peaceful Inner Core, Second Edition. Her newest book is Sacred Meditation: Embracing the Divine. All the books are available through her office.  Just email books@kebba.com. 
  • For an appointment or to ask Kebba to speak for your group: calendar@kebba.com .