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When you think of Valentines’ Day, do you have Love Stress?  It’s now about 2 weeks to Valentines’ Day and time to plan! And here you’ve just finished crossing off half of your New Year’s Resolutions.  Whether you’re single, not-dating, dating, living with, or married, I want you to have a pleasant and possibly memorable Valentines’ Day. I always want you to remember to be in Upbeat Living.  So here are some no-stress ideas about the day and how you might celebrate.

As with many holidays, the “history” of Valentine’s Day is mainly embellished rumors repeated for centuries.  According to the Catholic Church, yes, there were several saints named Valentine.  However, their accomplishments were related to affirming Christian faith and not connected to either February 14th or to romantic love.  In the time of the Roman Emperor Claudius II, one priest named Valentine may have signed a note to a loved one, “from your Valentine”, or this may have been a later historic embellishment.  One St. Valentine was buried on February 14, but until 1969, the Catholic Church had 11 Valentines’ Days.  In 1969, the General Roman Calendar removed St. Valentine’s as a feast day, due its uncertain history.  Still, the idea of celebrating love became firmly attached to that one day, February 14th.

Flying hearts trioSo how did romance get into it?  The giving of mass-produced “valentines”, as love cards or notes, was popular in the 1800’s in Great Britain.  In the US, Esther Howland started the first successful valentine business in 1847, in Massachusetts.  Today, globally, about a billion greeting cards are sent each Valentines Day.

Many nations now have traditions related to love, caring, and regard around February 14th each year.  Possibly topping the list is Korea, which has a different holiday related to love on the 14th of each month.  In Japan, women must give male colleagues chocolate, and a month later, men are expected to give female colleagues white chocolate or other white candy.  In the US, the National Retail Federation expected last year’s spending on this holiday to be $18.9 billion, with 51% expected to buy cards, 35% to spend an evening out,  53% to buy candy, 38% flowers, and 21% jewelry.  Expected spending on clothing: $2 billion, and expected gift card purchases $1.5 billion.  Also, about 21% were expected to buy gifts for their pets.

It has been said,

You don’t need someone to complete you.  You only need someone to love you completely.

So what will impress your nearest and dearest the most with how much you love him or her?  First, listen for hints!  S/he may have a favorite candy, or a favorite store from which a gift card would be a delight.  Fresh flowers are priced higher right on Valentines Day; so many couples are celebrating before or after, on “Valentines Day, As Celebrated”.  Some of you could touch your lover’s heart with a custom set of iTunes, a new book by a favorite author, an electronic “bug” that moves to clapping sounds, or a GPS for their car. Your spouse may really want a do-for favor, like your repairing something for her or baking favorite cookies for him.  But what if you’re both busy people, and your spouse or Particular Friend would really just like to spend the day with you?  Then try making a coupon for “A Day of Leisure”, and attach it to a bottle of their favorite beverage.  Schedule the day at your PF’s convenience, and practice listening to him/her all day.  Ask questions.

If you’re firmly single, celebrate you!  Consider having a pamper day or at least getting a massage.  Buy yourself favorite candy or even a gift only you know you will deeply enjoy.  Toast to the wonderfulness of you with your favorite beverage.  Journal about how you want your life and relationships to be..  If you’re seeking a Particular Friend, journal about the kind of conversation, fun, joy, and lifestyle you’re seeking to share with that PF.

If you have Love Stress, remember history does not determine the future.  And Valentines’ Day isn’t the only day for celebrating love.  In fact, every day is a good day for love.  Try it, share it, and be the love you want to see.  And that’s Upbeat Living. You’ll see.


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