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Don’t you hate feeling “stuck”? Maybe you can’t think of which thing to do next, or you’re blocked on a task you know you need to be on.  On a daily or hourly basis, when you feel stuck, you may have trouble starting that 4-hour project or even that 30-minute exercise session.   You are in the Stress of Stuck!

To get unstuck, experts recommend we gather all the right props around us, to help us feel ready and organized for each task.  In addition to the tools and equipment, a mug of a favorite herbal tea, a coffee drink, a water, or a particular soda, may help us feel ready to accelerate into that task.  While I can’t find the research basis yet, many people tell me that starting to eat a handful of M&Ms™ somehow gets them in gear to start grading those papers.  For my clients who can, I recommend running in place for 2 minutes.  This accelerates blood flow and relaxes the shoulder muscles, which releases typical tightening of the neck muscles, thus releasing correct blood flow to the brain and energy within the brain.  This makes the task seem easier and go faster.  Try this before a task you normally dislike, like leaving for work or cleaning the kitchen.  If you can’t run in place, try gently rolling and stretching your shoulders for 2 full minutes.

So, on a larger scale, what holds us back from jumping into new experience?  What keeps us from stepping up to our greatness in new levels?  Is it simply fear?

Recently, I became aware of the concept of Inner Critic, a powerful psyche function that inhibits action.  In a therapy context of Internal Family Systems, the Inner Critic is the dimension of a person’s consciousness that says “you’re not good enough” or “you shouldn’t try that, because you’re not up to it.”  According to Bay Area therapist Bonnie Weiss, the Inner Critic is trying to protect you from embarrassment, failure, and other dynamics, so it should be viewed as your friend.  The Inner Critic is trying to help you live well.  However, by holding you back, the Inner Critic can create the very thing it is trying to prevent: your failure.

Celebrated author Robert Kyosaki has said,

It’s not what you say out of your mouth that determines your life.  It’s what you whisper to yourself that has the most power.

The Inner Critic stands against your Inner Mentor, who is wise and helps you make adult decisions.  The trick is to get to know your inner parts, especially your Inner Mentor, and get them cooperating with each other.  If your Inner Critic is keeping you from walking up to an opportunity and introducing yourself, try this simplified technique:  stretch each leg and each arm briefly, exhale, inhale, and notice the challenge seems more interesting and less intimidating.   Repeat.  Over the longer term, Weiss says, we should also cultivate practices that develop our sense of self, such as journaling, meditation, inviting in witness consciousness, and yoga.

What do you want to step up to in your day or your life?  Why not step up now?  So roll your shoulders, shoulder up, and shoulder on.  Claim your life.  That’s Upbeat Living!


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