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East of Tucson, where the Santa Catalina Mountains meet the Rincon Mountains, there is a beautiful area called Redington Pass.  In season, water rushes over the rocks at the Tanque Verde Falls there.  In dry times, the boulders at the Falls have a smooth, eery beauty, shaped by the erosive power of the seasonal flows.  Hiking in this area is very popular, but the trails are hazardous, due to a type of rock that crumbles easily underfoot.  A woman arrived at the top of the dry Falls with a new companion who insisted they climb down the dry rocks of the Falls.  She asked, “but won’t we have trouble getting back over these huge, smooth boulders?”  She was frightened.  Her companion insisted it would be fine.  She followed him, trusting he knew the area better than she did.

But by dusk, they were trapped adjacent to a 300-foot chasm, unable to reverse their downslope climb, with dark coming on rapidly.  The companion saw a fire hose bolted to the opposite side of the chasm.  Excited by the challenge, he joyfully leaped across the chasm, caught the fire hose, and climbed to a ridge.  The woman was terrified and fairly sure she could not leap the deadly chasm.  She instead climbed out, using ½-inch ledges that, the week before, she would not have believed she could use.  The next week, a hiker died at Redington Pass, because the trail fell away from under his steps.  Someone had died where the woman did what she would have thought was impossible.

On April 2, 2012, John and Helen Collins were flying back home to Wisconsin from Florida in their twin-engine Cessna.  John, 81, owned several planes and was the knowledgeable pilot.  Helen, 80, was an experienced passenger, having travelled with John for decades.  Helen was recovering from heart surgery and had very little stamina.  Six miles from their destination, John had a heart attack and passed out draped over the controls.  Using her phone, Helen contacted the Sheriff’s Department for help.  A local pilot flew up to the Collins’s plane to give Helen radio instructions so she could land the Cessna.  With help, she did what was impossible for her the day before:  she landed the plane.  She had only bruises, and the plane was nearly intact.

What these stories have in common is that the people came up with solutions when urgent needs arose.  The day before each scene, they would not have said they had these skills.   Those things would have been “impossible”.  Whether you believe this was entirely human creativity or whether you see the Divine in these stories, ask yourself:  in what areas of life have you been thinking you “can’t?”  Make some notes for yourself about areas of life you wish were different, but you believe you can’t change.  Then think of the people who “couldn’t” but did.  Pick something from your list and consider stepping up.  It’s your life.  You are the only one who can live it.  Now you’re in Upbeat Living!


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