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Stress, inspiration golf, rehab,As a professional stress management speaker, author, and coach, I’m supposed to get my inspiration from other speakers, authors, and coaches.  But I sometimes find myself uplifted, thrilled and filled afresh by people in completely different professions.  Surprisingly, three of those fields that have been inspiring me a lot lately are championship golf, home redesign, and luxury real estate.

My husband and I found professional golf one day, when we went in search of a new place to find really great burgers.  We stopped in at a sports grill and found more than great food.  An array of large screen televisions framed the main room at this restaurant. An international golf competition was playing on several screens.  Soon we were captivated by the gorgeous setting, as well as the culture of quiet, of focus, and of mutual respect.  Courtesy reigned supreme. The golf course landscape was very beautiful, and some camera shots showed the ocean, just beyond the course.  Competitors spoke quietly, if at all.  The winners responded to sports commentators in a quiet and thoughtful manner. Imagine going to work every day of your career, in natural surroundings, with people encouraging each other to focus quietly and each achieve their personal best.  Imagine that the top achievers in your field are thoughtful and soft spoken.  And you get paid to be with these people in this culture of quiet respect.  Just thinking of professional golfers, I feel fresh permission to stop, focus until ready, and quietly make the right moves toward my goals.

My fascination with home redesign began when I lived in an historic district in Tucson, Arizona. Everyone I knew was restoring historic spaces, at little cost, reusing and recycling. My heart always soared when I saw their projects and heard their conversation.  They spoke for love of legacy, historic colors and finishes, and bringing pieces and spaces back to beauty and life.  They inspired me to refinish my antiques and imagine how people lived in the homes now being refurbished. Today, the restoration expert who most inspires me is Nicole Curtis, the “Rehab Addict”.  She adopts condemned historic homes, in mainly Detroit and Minneapolis, bringing them back to their former glory, but with modern plumbing and wiring.  Curtis is a tiny warrior, a stunning triathlete with cascading blonde tresses.  The cameras find her excitedly ripping offending modern panels off of historic walls, and vigorously sanding the most stubborn surfaces, then refinishing them.  Curtis creates a red dress and glams up for a charity ball, then the next day gets paint in her hair and shrieks excitedly: “WHY would anyone COVER THIS UP?”  Curtis is vigorous, passionate, kind, and resource-wise.  Just thinking of her, I feel invigorated.  I feel my own passion rising, and I know any worthy project can be completed, beautifully and inexpensively.

Another surprise corner of modern culture gives me terrific inspiration.  Recently, I found myself riveted to television shows about high-end listings, especially “Million Dollar Listing: Los Angeles.”  These shows could serve as classroom teaching tools.  Through stories about putting together deals, millionaire real estate experts model how to successfully relate to clients and colleagues.  They also teach us how to negotiate relationships, design, and contracts.  One realtor, Madison Hildebrand, is now demonstrating the principle of not getting locked into a single professional groove.  Not only has he pleasantly succeeded in real estate sales, he now has his own brand (“The Beach Guy”), a book, a speaking career, and his own candle line. He even starred on a major television dating show, in addition to serving in community leadership and volunteer roles.  Hildebrand reminds me to stay who I am, be my best, lift my mind frommain tracks, and stay open to the surrounding opportunities.

Stephen Covey said,

I am not a product of my circumstances. I am a product of my decisions.

And the late Steve Jobs reminded us,

Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life.

So where have you noticed yourself finding a recharge of your inspiration and your passions?  Do you get inspired in certain places, or activities, or thinking about certain people?  Make yourself an Inspiration List, to review on days when you need a lift.  Soon you’ll be back in your energy, your passion, your imagination, and your success.


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