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Does Food Stress strike you now and then?  Do you ever think, “hey, I need a snack!” Then you grab something that seems like it will taste good, you eat it, and you feel…TIRED.  It happens too often!  The point of food, originally, was to fuel the body.  In today’s world, we are able to have flavorful food that also looks appealing.  With the influx and mixing of many cultures in this country, the array of foods and beverages available is endless.

But sometimes, our ideas about what is and isn’t good food can lead us astray.  When I worked in Tucson, there was a deli downstairs from my office that had the best cheese Danish I have ever tasted. I often had a midmorning snack of cheese Danish and coffee—Heaven! When I moved to Phoenix, I never replaced my dreamy favorite snack.  Finally, a major food company began promoting frozen cheese Danish together with other flavors of frozen pastries.  I believe they could be heated in either a microwave oven or in a toaster.  I waited and waited for the cheese Danish flavor to arrive in my local market.  Finally, it arrived!  I captured a box, went home, heated one, and ate it with relish.  Heartwarming memories of my Tucson office days filled me as I inhaled this pastry.  Then, in a few minutes, I was overtaken by a leaden fatigue.  My delicious snack had stolen my energy!  I had Food Stress.  I had eaten the calories but got no energy from the snack.  Plus, it made me tired!

So where did I get—where do any of us get—our ideas about what a good, satisfying snack would be?  I got the cheese Danish idea from the deli in Tucson.  I saw it, it appealed to my tastebuds, and a tradition was born.  We see images of foods in TV commercials and shows, in movie theater images—before and during movies—in newspapers and online.

Recently, I saw a holiday foods promotion from a major grocery chain.  Of the 30 or so food products in the newspaper’s holiday insert, all but two were guaranteed to tire the snacker.  These foods were:  frozen, extremely salty, extremely fatty, extremely sugary, or two or more of these together.  Some were loaded with dyes and artificial ingredients.  Some beverages were labeled for “energy” but laden with caffeine.

What’s wrong with these foods, if you’re eating for energy?  In Chinese medicine, these foods are all yin, or weakening.  Also, foods lose their energy, their vital life force energy, when frozen.  A lot of salt, fat, or sugar makes most people tired right away.  Too much caffeine stops providing a lift, stresses your kidneys, and makes you deeply fatigued.

What foods were great in this holiday insert?  Fresh produce, organic salad greens, black and green teas, organic coffees. All these are loaded with antioxidants, which bring oxygen into your cells quickly.  Fresh fruits and veggies also contain many absorbable vitamins and minerals the body needs, plus vital life force energy.

Want instant energy?  Eat a big green salad and a smoothie made of greens, ginger and fruits.  The ginger is yang and will balance the yin of regular diets.  Think about the foods you crave, and ask yourself where you ever got the idea that those were good to eat.  Fill your meals and snacks with colorful produce, and notice your energy soaring and your health getting stronger and younger.  You can beat Food Stress, and you are worth it!  Now that’s Upbeat Living!


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