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This is for you stressed-out professionals who feel even more stressed because you’re stuck right now!  Do you have the Blahs?  Are you feeling dull, flat, uninspired?  Are you completely stale?  Is this a day when not only can you not write/do/say anything brilliant, but you can’t even think what your clients would be interested in? This may have been subtly creeping up on you off and on for months.  But right now, it’s really keeping you from being the producer and the inspiration you need to be. It’s official:  you are stuck!  You need a fresh start.  You need Upbeat Living.

So… wait!  There’s both hope and help, without the cost of calling a psychiatrist or the risk of calling Mom.  She might blast you.  And whining to friends isn’t the answer either.  We can wear out friendships with this kind of prattle, without shifting our stuckness at all.

Instant Help

If you are on a deadline or need to see a client in the next couple of hours, use these super Emergency Boosts for the Stuck and Stressed, all within 10 minutes:

  1. Roll your shoulders in every possible direction, in a slow and stretching way, for 2 minutes. It’s the stretch, not the getting there, that’s important.
  2. Run in place for 2 minutes, or take your shoes off and do any other wildly active flailing about that will get your blood going, for 2 minutes. Watch a clock.  No cheating.
  3. Set up your work area as though you are about to have a terrific writing/client session and…
  4. Drink a double espresso drink or strong black or green tea.
  5. Produce.

The first two steps open up tight muscles and constricted blood flow from tight muscles, resulting in better oxygen supply to the brain within 30 seconds.  Step 3 sets you up with a success context.  Another article will cover this in more detail.  Step 4 provides you with digestive stimulation, which wakes up the brain, together with massive antioxidant flow, which enables the brain.  In Step 5, the rubber hits the road.

The Main Reason You’re Stuck and Stressed

And what if you’re not in a stuck-and-stressed emergency?  If you’re not on a tight deadline and don’t have to meet with a client shortly, here’s the bigger picture: you can– and you need to– get some fresh new input in your life and overall routine.  There are 2 main causes for this.  First, maybe you’re thinking, “[W]ell, my last client session/chapter wasn’t that hot.”  So actually, you’re stuck in worry that you’re not good enough and your work is not good enough.

You need to let go of old thoughts and self-judgement.  No one is more qualified to do exactly what you do than you are. Now consider that you are currently the best You that you have ever been.  The Universe has unique plans for each of us, and each of us is uniquely qualified for our particular journey.

The Other Reason You’re Stale and Stressed

The second reason your sense of life has gone stale is simply that you need to mix it up!  A pipe can’t deliver water unless there is water flowing in.  If you dam up a stream, it dries up.  So if your thoughtstream or your heartstream are dry, the dam needs to let new thoughts and feelings flow in and through.  The quickest way to do this may be to shift your scene, even for a couple of hours.  Take a microvacation to the Botanical Garden or the Zoo, camera in hand. Or see an indy movie.  Have lunch on the patio of a new café afterward.  As you take in the new sights, smells, sounds, and activities of these places and experiences, journal out (into the Notes section of your phone, if you like) your new thoughts and feelings.  Take more photos, even videos.  Now there’s new flow in your thoughtstream and heartstream. Now schedule in time to make bigger trips, see new people, do new arts, and have new adventures.  Sign up with a coach;  book a retreat, a trip to the beach, a few days at a cabin with hiking.  Go somewhere you’ve never been.  Just the planning can refresh your thoughtstream.  And the New Thing doesn’t have to be expensive to be rejuvenating.

It’s Spring, and this is the perfect time to freshen up your life and your work.  This is your new moment, your new day, and as in the Peters quote above, there has never been another one like it. In your newness, there can be perpetual astonishment.  Allow it.  Journal about it.  Court it.  Be it. The freshness is yours.  Enjoy your fresh start!  Now that’s Upbeat Living!


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