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Cheese! Glorious Cheese! Who knew cheese had its own day? I found out just in time to share it with you: January 20th is National Cheese Day, except in France, where it’s April. A statistic tossed around is that 7% of a Frenchman’s budget is spent on cheese. Whether that is accurate or not, clearly, cheese is a vital part of French culinary culture. It’s also paramount in the culinary culture of many countries.


It is said that there are at least 500 varieties of cheese. That’s the number recognized by the International Dairy Federation. But some identify as many as about 1000 varieties. Some cheese is best sliced and some is best spread on crackers and served with fruit. Some is ideal for sauces—think, fettucine Alfredo. Some bubbles and browns a little on pizza—think, mozzarella blended with Parmesan. Some brightens any sandwich—think, Swiss, baby Swiss, and Fontina.


Cheeses vary by a number of factors:

  • type of milk used (including cow’s milk, sheep’s milk, goat’s milk, soy milk and almond milk)
  • percent fat
  • type of coating
  • moisture content
  • molds for flavoring and coloring
  • degree of salt
  • add-ins (onion, fruit essences, seeds, wine)

You can see cheeses in terms of how strong their flavors are. Professional categories are: fresh, neutral, mild, understated, pronounced, strong, and very strong. Some cheeses have an intense fragrance, like the famous Limberger cheese. However, the flavor of that cheese is appealing and mild. So if you’re selecting cheeses for meals and entertaining, go and taste them at a cheese market or cheese department of a gourmet grocery store. I repeat: TASTE cheeses before committing to serve them. I found a fantastic aged cheddar from England, infused with onion, this way. Wow!


Now, if you didn’t have your menu set already for dinner, what dishes with cheese are you planning to use? I’m serving salad topped with shredded Parmesan. And maybe brie and fruit for dessert.


While you’re pondering your menu, here’s a little fun. Take this cheese quiz, to see what cheese you are most like. My results surprised me. The quiz said I’m American cheese, smooth and young at heart. Okay, I’ll take that! (And now I’m craving a lightly buttered grilled cheese sandwich, made with American cheese.) Just click on this link, and look for “What’s Your Inner Cheese?” down to the left.



I would love to know what YOUR inner cheese is! So enjoy National Cheese Day. And remember, Life is about In-Joy-Meant. When we are enjoying, we have less stress, more Peace Within, and better body- and brain chemistry. Feeling good makes us literally feel better.  Are you in?



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