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Is there something in your body or your life that you wish were healed? Today I went to a meeting of the Healing Ministry at my church. It’s a large Episcopal Church in Scottsdale, Arizona. The lay Healing Ministers shared stories of healings they had experienced, and we discussed dimensions of healing.


I like to focus on the positive, the Upbeat Living, the joy… all the Highest and Best. Not the past or the pain. However, today I was moved to share with this loving group my most dramatic healing story: mine. Here it is.


When I was 26, one evening, I began to feel cranky. I thought “[H]ow odd! What’s going on?” My body replied that the large joints of my hands were burning. I thought, “[N]o problem. Mom has had mild arthritis since my age. I’ll take aspirin, like she does.” Oh no! Within a year, I was burning from head to toe. And there was a terrible stiffness with the pain. Over a few months, my joints began to enlarge and I could hardly use my hands. I would be needing a wheelchair by my mid-thirties, and there would be no marriage or children. As an engineering manager, I went at potential solutions like a freight train. I learned nutrition, controlled my diet, and took up oriental energy healing, primarily Jin Shin Jyutsu.

I learned there are many approaches other than medication, to beat a painful condition.

 ~Kebba Buckley Button

When I was 33, I was at a party, and someone was talking about her arthritis as though she had married it. She was obsessed with it, in love with it. But that’s another column. I heard myself saying to her, “[W]ell, when I had horrible crippling arthritis, I found several things really helped…” From there, I have no memory of what I shared with her, because I was so shocked to hear myself speak of my hellish condition in the past tense. It had finished leaving sometime over the previous few months! I learned that just because you have a condition doesn’t mean it has to be progressive. Just because you have a diagnosis doesn’t mean you have to keep it. Later, as my joints actually healed and shrank, I learned that just because you have organic body damage, it doesn’t mean it can’t reverse. These were huge revelations to me. Now, at 62, most days, I have no pain of any kind whatsoever. People take me for 45.


The opportunity to experience that crippling condition was a transformative gift in my life. I became so fascinated with natural pain solutions that I left engineering and morphed into an energy- and spiritual healer. I became an ordained minister, a spiritual teacher, a stress management trainer, and an award-winning author.


In the 1980’s, the AIDS epidemic hit Phoenix. I volunteered at the Malta Center, a community healing organization funded by an arm of the Catholic Church. We served HIV/AIDS patients and their loved ones, without regard to their income. We comforted and listened. We helped the clients organize the practical help they needed. We had Red Cross classes on understanding HIV/AIDS. We had funeral planning workshops. We had a lot of funerals. I had extraordinary conversations with many people experiencing the embrace of AIDS, and with their families.


I learned that I had friends who had been HIV-positive for 10 years, with no symptoms at all, even fatigue. I learned that some AIDS patients got very close to the Divine in their last weeks. I learned that some seemed to go into a state of Grace in their last weeks, in complete harmony with Life, the Universe, and God. Some said their lives were healed, and then they passed on. They weren’t cured, but they were healed.


Today, the Clinton Initiative and other organizations stream pharmaceutical protocols to many countries, and HIV is not the frightening specter it once was. Do you want healing? Let’s remember:

  • There are many approaches other than medication, to beat horrible pain and other health conditions.
  • Just because you have a diagnosis doesn’t mean it gets to rule your life.
  • Just because you have a condition doesn’t mean it has to be progressive.
  • Just because there was never a medical protocol before doesn’t mean there won’t be one soon, if you like medical protocols.
  • Just because you’re not cured doesn’t mean you can’t be healed.

Live your life.  Don’t fear health labels.  Maintain your miraculous body the best you can.  It’s your life:  be there.


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