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From time to time, we are stuck in, or we see, a situation that is ridiculous, absurd, and not right. We feel stress and anxiety, even depression. After writing our Congressperson, we may still feel frustrated or reviled, even to the point of having a tight stomach, a headache, or knots in our back, because there is nothing we can do. Here are several examples.


A TV show tells the story of a house that disappeared overnight. The husband came home and found his house missing– a site-built home, not a mobile home. It evolved that there was an inheritance dispute. Do you feel stressed, hearing about this? Yet there is nothing the observer can do about it.


In a famous story, a family hired architect Frank Lloyd Wright to build a country home for them adjacent to their favorite wooded picnic spot, a flat rock at the edge of a stream. The family wanted to easily access their beautiful spot and its view, and eat there more often. The architect decided he wanted to build the rock into the home, and the family lost their favorite outdoor picnic spot, its view, and their family tradition.  In addition, according to their son, “you can’t really live in such a house”. So they lost their picnic spot, spent massive funds, were unable to live in the house, and made an architect famous for “The House at Fallingwater”. The house became a museum. Do you feel frustrated or angry when you think about this? Yet there is nothing the observer can do about it.


In Wisconsin, a video bubbled up that portrays several men trapping a deer, wrestling with it to put a yellow t-shirt on it, and laughing. The deer escaped and has been seen since, still wearing a portion of the yellow t-shirt. The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources advises that the deer looks healthy and should be left alone. Watching the video, a friend was reminded of human sexual assault, and she imagined how the three men treat the women in their lives, then laugh. My friend feels very disturbed by this story and the behavior of the three men. Do you? And yet, there is nothing the observer can do about it.


The stock market is acting squirrelly, the US border with Mexico is not secure, North Korea is threatening SONY and the USA in general, another abused child has disappeared. Boko Haram has murdered another 2000 Nigerian villagers and eradicated their villages, in one week . Yet there is nothing the observer can do about it.


But wait! Yes, the observer/you can do three things:

  1. Pray or hold Go(o)d Thoughts, even if the event seems to be over.
  2. Detach, exhale, drop your shoulders, and turn your attention to peaceful thoughts. Relax physically, and don’t allow yourself to go over and over the sequence. No obsessing. If the bad thoughts come back again, exhale each time.
  3. Focus on what is good, uplifting, and meaningful to you. This will cause the lower thoughts to be displaced, and your energy level and health will begin to rise immediately.


For the spiritual reader, Phillipians 4:8 advises us:

Finally, brothers and sisters, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable–if anything is excellent or praiseworthy–think about such things.


What to do when there’s nothing you can do? Pray, hold Go(o)d Thoughts, and set it aside. And get on with generating Good in and around your life.




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Energy, Peace, Meditation, stress, Peace Within

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