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Yesterday, several people were cranky with me.  Usually, everyone is very pleasant.  I am rarely offended.  But yesterday, two people posted Cranky Posts on Facebook, in response to pleasant images I had posted.  Their cranky comments were offensive enough that I hope I never need to deal with either of them again.  Whew!  Both had previously been entirely pleasant.  Otherwise, I would not have them among my Facebook friends.  Their Tuesday meanness made me think about the underlying reasons why they might be snarking that day.


Are you feeling cranky?  Here are my top 5 Crankiness Causes, together with the matching 5 Crankiness Cures.


  1. Weather changes:  movement of weather systems mucks with your internal electronics.  Remain calm and take a break with a favorite beverage.  Place your three center fingertips of your right hand in the center of your left palm, and notice the pounding pulse in the center of your palm.  Hold the fingertips there until you can no longer feel the pounding pulse.
  2. Your chair:  if your office chair is causing pressure at the base of your spine, or your legs start feeling tired when you’ve been sitting for a half hour or more, consider a new chair.  And don’t order it from the superstore online.  Try different chairs and buy one in person.  Short-term fixes:  get up, walk around, and stretch every half hour, or add a foam-type pillow between you and the chair seat.
  3. Blood sugar:  have you eaten recently?  Or have you eaten a short while ago, but it was something very sugary?  In either case, the level of blood sugar, or fuel, in your blood may be too low.  Consider a lower-carb diet, in which you eat protein, not sugar, every 3-4 hours.  Sugar  itself makes a lot of people cranky, even achy.  Switch from refined sugars to fruit.


If I don’t eat something after I work out, I get shaky and cranky – not a good combination when you’re a television host.

~Lara Spencer

4.  Background noise:  is there music, a vacuum cleaner, or a power saw whining away next door?  Noises like this can irritate us, even when the volume is low.  There is also a vibration with the bass notes, the vacuum, or a leaf blower.  So the irritation is assaulting two of your five senses.  Your best bet with temporary sounds like this is to run an errand or round up a friend for lunch out.  If the music is loud on a regular basis, negotiation of volume or hours of operation is called for.  If the music is always on from 8-10 am, and the party is non-negotiably cranky, you may want to work in the coffee shop or library from 8-10 am.

5.  An issue you’ve been stuffing:  if none of the first four causes are up for you right now, consider that you may be bugged by a background issue.  Did you just find out yesterday that Mom has cancer?  Have you just received an email saying your kid is losing his house?  Did your printer break yesterday, but you have a lot of printing to do today?  Your best bet, to get back to work with background issues, is to take several minutes to write out your hurt or frustration.  Now fold that piece of paper and put it in your pocket, to deal with more satisfactorily later.  If your printer is broken, create the files, put them on a thumb drive, and take the thumb drive to your nearest office supplies store with a copy center.  While they print your order, you can get your old printer evaluated and look at what new printers are on sale.


When crankiness attacks, it’s no fun for you, your family, your coworkers, or your dog.  Your cat doesn’t care.  So figure out what’s making you cranky today, address it, and create a great day anyway.  Now that’s Upbeat Living!



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