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For a moment, think of all the most wonderful gates you have ever seen.  What came in and went out through those gates?  When I was a child, one summer, I got to go horseback riding in the countryside a few times.  Abandoned gates opened into sunny fields, the magic of a ghostly old house, and paths to winding streams.  Dappled sunlight played on the water, filtered by tall, overhanging trees.  These country gates had, at one time, had a purpose.  For my child self, these were access portals to unknown magic.


In my home, one wall has a photo of a large wooden gate within an adobe wall. The pathway to the gate is white Florida sand.  The surrounding vegetation is lush, with brilliant blossoms. Above the wooden gateway is another niche in the high, vine-clad wall, holding a large bell.  I have always wondered what is beyond that gate.  For years, I imagined a secret garden with a fountain, a pond, and meditation benches—a sacred place of peace and restoration.  My mind can change the secret garden any time it wants to.  The gate can lead to anything I choose.


The most distinctive gate I have ever seen is the Stargate from the movie and TV show of the same name.  An ornate circle of “nahquadah” 22 feet across, the Stargate creates a wormhole.  It then filters people and other living beings who want to be transferred quickly between planets.  People jump into its circumference, and they are conveyed instantly.  When the Stargate is switched off, no one can come in through it.  It conveys the good guys and prevents the enemy from arriving.


Still round the corner there may wait

A new road or a secret gate.  

~ J. R. R. Tolkien



So what if you had a Stargate in your mind?  What if you could keep out anything you didn’t want, and welcome in whatever you do want?  How beautiful would your Stargate look?  How great would your life be?  Would you have less stress?


Currently, you do have mental and intuitive filters.  You already have some degree of mental portal control. Do your mental gates swing wide open for snack opportunities and shut fast around manipulative coworkers?  Do your portals easily receive classical music, jazz, or soft rock, but jam shut when country music tries to enter?  Or the reverse?

gates.life gates, stress, attracting the life you want, upbeat living

North Gate of Ankor Thom
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Consider now:  how effectively do your mental gates protect your inner peace?  What are your portals allowing in?  Are they stopping negative media and people, images of violence, thoughts of can’t-do, weakness, and negative futures?  Are they welcoming upbeat acquaintances, great relationships, spiritual support, joy opportunities, vitality, prosperity, and positive futures?  Over time, you have learned to filter negative thoughts and not allow negative people to disturb your mental/emotional/spiritual peace. No doubt you are always learning better how to do this.  So on the flip side, what are you attracting?  And now, would you like to learn a simple exercise to attract more Good?  Are you in?


Today, design your Life Gate and install it in your mind.  Imagine a beautiful gate, perhaps surrounded by lush plantings, or attached to a lovely wall made of stone.  Or perhaps it’s high-tech and round, like the Stargate.  Make your gate of any material you like.  Look in magazines, in Google Images, and in photo calendars for ideas.  You can always adjust your gate later, in materials, height, width, thickness and color(s).  When you have settled on your initial Life Gate, sit quietly for five minutes, twice per day, and picture the energies you want flowing into your life through your gateway.  Picture vitality entering.  Picture your vitality arriving, then your prosperity, then any other qualities or energies you would like to have flowing in.  Be in touch with your gratitude, which will strongly support the good conditions flowing in…and staying.  Call up the mental image of your Life Gate often, see it in vivid detail, and see the flow you want coming in through it.  See the gate shut to negativity and takers.  Like the Florida garden gate, your Life Gate can lead to anything you choose.


It’s your Life Gate.  You are in charge.  Maintain all the gates of your life for the Highest and Best.  What will give you the best energy and the most of the life you want?  It’s up to you. And making those choices is Upbeat Living!



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