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For a moment, imagine coming home from work and reaching for your front door knob.  When you open the door, what kind of space would you ideally like to see before you?  What if you came home to a lovely, relaxing, energizing and refreshing space?  If that is what you have already, then A-plus to you, and stop reading now.  You are already in Upbeat Living!  However, if your place is disorganized or overflowing, and the closets are stuffed, read on!


With a clean and clear space, where everything has a place to go, wouldn’t your home life be more enjoyable?  Yes, it would!  Plus, you would feel more pleasant, relate more pleasantly, have more energy, and actually sleep better at night. To manage your stuff-stress, you must get control of your Stuff!  Let’s start with exactly how you can conquer your crowded closets.  You may want an energetic friend standing by as a cheerleader.

Out of clutter, find simplicity.

~Albert Einstein

First, decide what really belongs in your closets.  If you are storing lawn tools or potting soil inside, move them to an outside storage space.  If you are storing paint, properly dispose of any paint more than 3 years old.  Donate old linens to a shelter.  Those Christmas ornaments go in the attic or garage, well-labeled.  Cluster all the stored light bulbs together.  Donate duplicate tools and discard dry glue and old tape of all types.  Get clear plastic boxes (from Walgreens, Target, Walmart, and many other places) the same width as your closet shelves, and store and label everything that can fit into the boxes.  Try a $20 office label maker that makes white labels; you’ll be surprised at how readable the labels are.  Now you know what’s in those storage closets, and you can see and retrieve what you need, with the labels and the clear boxes.


For your clothing closets, pause and  imagine you could quickly glance over your collection and select an outfit.  Imagine all the pieces and accessories were clean, in good repair, a great fit, and easy to retrieve.  You can get to that stage in one afternoon!  Ready to play?  Then pull out every item in the closet, one at a time.  Each piece has to go in one of 3 piles:  “Love it”, “would love it if cleaned/repaired”, or “don’t love it”.  All the “don’t love it” clothes, shoes, and accessories now go into bags and directly to your car for donating.

Don’t own so much clutter that you would be relieved if your house caught fire.

~ Wendell Berry 

For the “would love if…” group, use your labeler or masking tape and marking pen to label each piece with what it needs.  Seriously.  If you can hand wash it or repair it, set it in an area of the laundry room to be done in the next two days.  If it needs dry cleaning or a tailor’s attention, bag it and take it directly to your car to go to the dry cleaner/tailor today.  If some shoes need repair, are they really too old now?  If not… straight to the car and to your shoe repair shop today.  The “love it” items can now go back in the closet, unless you want to quickly use some of that extra paint to quickly brighten up the inside of the closet.


Now decide if your hats need to be on hooks on the wall, or in hat boxes on the upper shelf.  Purse collections can go in larger clear plastic boxes on an upper shelf, and shoes in clear plastic shoe boxes, stacked as high as you like.  Label everything!  If you only have a few pairs of shoes, you may want to keep the clear shoe boxes on the floor of the closet, or use a floor shoe rack big enough for all of the shoes.  Shoe lovers can find over-the-door hanging shoe caddies or vertical caddies that hang from the closet rod.  Scarf lovers, get a special hanger that has a dozen holes in it, and thread the scarves through it (from Current if not a local store).  No more hunting for the right scarf, now.


Now, your closets have much more effective space and are much easier to navigate.  Home repairs or getting dressed should now be far easier and take less time.  You’ve just eliminated a lot of stress and given yourself some time and freedom.  Are you closer to the life you want?  Now that’s Upbeat Living!



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