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New Years Resolutions, upbeat livingHappy New Year, Everyone!  Don’t you love new starts?  And today, you can kick off your best year ever—so far!  Hopefully, you read my suggestion, posted on New Year’s Eve (http://wp.me/pw4HM-fh) that you list and appreciate all you accomplished in the last year.  How did last year come out, compared to your goals and desires?

So now, it’s time to set the vision of the qualities and happenings you want to see in your 2014.  Get out your favorite notepad or iPad, and make a list: excitement and travel? Peace and a cozier home?  A really comfortable bed? More time with friends?  Organized files?  A small or enlarged garden?  More efficient workdays?  Making twice last year’s income? More leisure in natural spaces?  Higher level professional projects?  Working with a great business coach or holistic/energy healer (call me!)?  Moving that book project to completion (call me!)?  Getting closer with your honey/spouse/significant other?  Having an actual vacation for a week during the summer?

Don’t worry if your list is not complete.  Just sketch out what comes to mind in a few minutes.  You can always add to it or change a quality you’ve described, even drop something.

Now write all these qualities into a letter to yourself, as though you are grateful all these things are currently true.  For example: “I just love my life in this beautiful year, 2014!  I enjoy being so cheerful and motivated all the time.  I love my perfect husband, my fulfilling professional projects, and the great rates I’m paid for each area of my work.  It fills my heart that this year I am __ pounds lighter than last year—my body feels so light and moves so easily!  Exercising an hour a day is easy and fun.  My office files are supremely organized, as are my to-do lists, and it’s very easy for me to sit down and get a task done.  I love all the calls I get from loving relatives, sharing news and wishing me well.  [And…  And…]  I’m so grateful for all this Go(o)d in my life, right now!”  Add as many claims as you like.  With your heart and spirit, you are calling them in, calling them by faith.

Now, put a copy on your physical or electronic desktop, on your bedside table, or by your coffeemaker.  Read it to yourself every night before bed and every morning as you rise.  Vividly imagine these things are all true right now.  Let the satisfaction and gratitude fill all your cells and flood your heart and soul.  Be open to amazingly fast results.

Check in with yourself and your visions every month, feel satisfied and give thanks for how much closer you and your visions are than ever before.  And please let me know what you notice.  I would love to hear from you.


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