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A Tabletop Tree.
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Do you love Christmas trees?  In the US, a passion to put a tree in the living room and decorate it is widespread. I know Christians, Jews, and Buddhists who love to get a tree and decorate it, then leave it up for a couple of weeks, at least.

At least as early as the 18th Century, Germans and Scandinavians were decorating pine trees, outdoors or indoors, for the Christmas season. Straw and fabric ornaments, and lighted candles, gave way in recent decades to metal and glass ornaments, with strings of electric lights.  People now can choose between natural trees and artificial ones.  Artificial trees may look exactly natural or may look like spun metal. And the newest ones have branches that fold neatly as you slide it into its special bag for storage until next year.  There are trees taller than most living rooms and trees as small as the tabletop Nativity set.  Some families make an annual tradition of going to the tree lot or even to the National Forests, tree-cutting permit in hand.

If you haven’t yet settled on a tree for this year, consider a natural tree, to be recycled, or “treecycled”, or a reuseable manufactured tree.  If family members are allergic to pine fragrance, then the choice is clear:  artificial is best.  Get the tabletop size and you can just pop it into its box to store for next year.  Some come pre-lit and pre-decorated, so that’s much less holiday work and stress.

However, if you really love natural trees, get the freshest one you can, and set it up with a water container under it, to help the branches stay moist.  Decorate and enjoy.  And when you know it’s too dry to stay up, take all the ornaments and icicles off, and recycle it for mulch.  Call your Public Works Department, or put “Christmas Tree Recycling” in the search bar on your computer or your phone.  This year, the City of Phoenix offers this link, for pickups of Christmas trees:  phoenix.gov/publicworks/recycling/christmastreecycling.html‎.  Oh, and take your natural-pine wreath too.  Staff  run your tree through a huge shredder, creating mulch that is then used in parks.

If you got a natural tree in a container, certain types can be replanted by your Parks Department!  Wouldn’t it feel good to have your family’s memories, and your Christmas tree, go on to live in a park for many years?  Whatever you decide, it should bring you less stress and more joy.

Happiest holidays from UpBeat Living!  And this year, may there be Peace on Earth.


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