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Phonecide, Phone death, stress

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You should know, I loved my phone.  My Blackberry was great for my business needs.  It held my email, complete calendar and over 700 contacts.  Good thing I had it backed up.  Little did I know this was the day that phonecide would strike.

Usually, I get into the driver’s side of my car.  However, running errands with my husband, he was the driver and he was getting into that side.  As I opened the passenger side door, my husband asked me to hand him something from inside the car.  As I always do, I put the keys and Blackberry on the top of the PT Cruiser, so I would know just where they were and would never drive off without them.  I leaned in, picked up the item, leaned out, and handed it to my husband.

A few minutes down the road, I wanted to check something on my phone, and I couldn’t lay my hands on it.  Then I realized I didn’t have my keys, either.  What is the sound of a heart plummeting to the car floor?

We drove back to where we had turned out of a commercial driveway, and there, strewn along 20 inches of Camelback Road, were pieces of metal and rubber that formerly were my keys and phone.  I now owned a phone pancake with a stretched-out rubber cover.  It was phonecide by rush hour traffic.

When it first happened, I would have said:  “Phonecide:  don’t let it happen to you!”

But here’s what followed:  We went directly to a Verizon store and I love my new iPhone.  A $30 software package translated the Blackberry backup code to a nice Excel chart of my 700+ contacts.  I now have twice the megapixels for snapping photos. I can now swipe credit cards on The Square that snaps into the iPhone (no such tool for Blackberry).  I got rid of my traditional office credit card system. Life is good again after phonecide.  Actually, it’s better!


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