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Summer, heat tips, energizing drinks

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So it’s a sizzling summer outside.  It was 120 degrees in Phoenix on Saturday, 115 in Las Vegas, and 108 in Houston.  Today, your hair is melting, not to mention your makeup.  Your clothes are sticking to your skin, your mouth is dry, and your shoes are stretching.  You can’t wait to get into the air conditioning of your home, office, or favorite eatery.  Once you get inside, you’ll reach for an icy cold drink.

So what will you reach for?  Are sodas most refreshing?  In 2012, the best-selling sodas were:  Coca-Cola Classic, Diet Coke, Pepsi-Cola, Mountain Dew, Dr. Pepper, Sprite, Diet Pepsi, and Diet Mountain Dew.  But sodas are hard on your teeth and bones, and sugars make you tired after the initial kick.  Artificial sweeteners are hard on your kidneys and are implicated in some cancers.  Not good!

Is it iced coffee drinks you crave most?  Famous and boutique coffee shops decorate most urban corners, with unlimited combinations of coffee, syrups, and dairy and nondairy milks.  Many canned and bottled coffee drinks are available on grocers’ shelves.  But calories can range to 750 for a large caramel coffee drink, and again, sugars are tiring after the initial kick.  Coffee itself is loaded with antioxidants and will truly give you energy, with or without the caffeine.  Try organic varieties for even more energy.

Are you an iced tea aficionado?  Black tea is great for your digestion, and green tea is associated with prevention of cancers.  Both black and green tea are loaded with antioxidants, which energize you and keep you young.  Organic varieties are available in most grocery stores.

So what’s icy, delicious, and energizing?   Here are three you’ll love:

  •       Coconut coffee – your favorite chilled coffee with coconut milk, over ice – lots of antioxidants, plus the healing power of coconut
  •       Black tea with orange fizz – chilled black tea with a packet of Emergen-C Tangerine flavor–all the benefits of tea, plus a gram of Vitamin C and minerals
  •       Cherry green tea –  chilled green tea with an ounce or two of cherry juice concentrate – green tea health perks plus the anti-inflammatory power of cherry

Notice that you get truly refreshed and energized after you drink these.  Your attitude, brainpower, and stamina will pick up quickly.  Experiment with different brands of ingredients until you get the dream combinations your taste buds love.  You can truly feel great all summer!


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