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Now, Getting past the past

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Whatever your belief system, UpBeat Living stands for your greatest health, fulfillment, happiness and success.  UpBeat Living advocates doing what you can to support yourself in living your best possible life, starting now.  One element of that best possible life is understanding that you can only live in the one moment—the “now” moment.

Go ahead—try to live yesterday.  I’ll wait.

Over it?  Great!  Or are you?  How many times this week have you thought of a terrible thing that was done to you in a past job?  How often do you think of past relationships and wish someone had treated you differently, or that you had treated someone differently?  Today alone, what mistakes have you made in your job performance, that you thought of today and winced over?  How many times this month have you thought of not having the childhood you wanted or the parents you wanted?  All these things are actually living in the past.  When you keep playing the mental videos from the past, you do two things that limit you:  (1) you rehearse and relive the past, thus reinforcing your sense of wrong and unworth, and (2) you keep yourself from living in your NOW moment, thus moving on.  Make sense?

Especially if you need a new direction, how will you choose that and move into it, if you are stuck in the past and not even actively living your present?  You must let go of the past!  Resolve to practice catching yourself and gently turning your attention back to the present, with an eye to the future you are creating.

If you are a person of faith, practice turning your attention back to the future you are co-creating with the Divine.  Consider this line from Paul in Phillipians 3:13 (NIV)

 “…One thing I do: Forgetting what is behind and straining toward what is ahead.”

Practice forgiving, blessing and releasing, and even finding gifts in the lessons of the past.  Try praying for those who have wronged you, wishing them all the best—and God knows what the best is.  And practice letting go, so you can get into your NOW.  God has plans for you!  Will you be there to participate in those plans?  Or will you be stuck in your past?

Step toward your future now, by pulling yourself into your NOW moment, and truly living there.  Get past your past to have the life you were meant to have.


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