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appearances are deceiving, truth

Photo by Kebba Buckley Button

This column is always about how we can live the best possible life, and have the most health and happiness.  UpBeat Living definitely supports using beauty to uplift our moods, our homes, and our appearances.  However, sometimes, when we believe an initial pleasant appearance, we can be deceived, ripped off, damaged, and even dead.  We need to keep beauty in perspective.

This morning, I looked out at the Feng Shui Garden, and the Mojito Mint had grown a white blossom almost as large as one of the mint leaves (see photo to the left).  For a minute, that was the appearance.  Then, my gardener brain took over and said, no no, that’s a blossom that fell from the flowering tree above.  I recognized that blossom as something else.  For a moment, I believed the appearance.  Then I recognized the truth.

In my youth, I somehow absorbed the principle that beautiful people have beautiful values and personalities.  How I got that is another column.  But in my professional life in the engineering world, I mistook beautiful people for nice people a few times, to my great detriment.  In a simple example, a beautiful, sparkling person, who I mistook for positive, said something vicious with a huge, sparkling smile, and then stole my only copy of a valuable document.  Another beautiful, sparkling person routinely made up detrimental stories about me, with a joyful smile, claiming he had known me well in grad school—also a total lie, but so well delivered that everyone believed him and believed I was secretly the person he claimed me to be.  No one believed what either of them had done, so I had no recourse.  I wonder how many other good people these two damaged?  Beautiful people can be nasty sociopaths, often using their beauty to manipulate others.  But many times, I believed the appearance, until I recognized the truth.  Sound familiar?

In some regions, we have garden snails.  The snails move slowly and have beautiful, lyrically curved shells.  The French make “escargot” dishes with garlic and butter, for which people pay a premium in restaurants.  So snails are lovely, slow, harmless, and sometimes beneficial as a food, right?  Yet this week, in the news, we hear about Giant African Land Snails with one skill set:  eating.  These snails eat 500 species of plants and also houses.  Yes, houses.  In the first 6 months of life, they crave building materials like stucco, to build up calcium in their beautiful bodies.  These snails get to be up to 9 inches long, live up to 9 years, and they have no natural predators.  They are currently the most damaging pest in Southern Florida housing, and they are moving across Florida.  Their appearance is deceiving, until you recognize the truth.

Online, there is a beautiful magazine called Inspire.  The pages are high-end commercial art.  The images are stunning.  But is this a spiritual journal?  Actually, it is a jihadist magazine.  It carries articles on how to make bombs in your Mom’s kitchen, and worse.  The Boston bombers are said to have taken inspiration from this magazine.  The beautiful magazine’s appearance is deceiving.  It leads to death.  Now you can recognize the truth.

To Katherine Russell, an artistic Christian from Rhode Island, Tamerlan Tsarnaev was handsome and compelling.  In her college days in Boston, Katherine converted to Islam and now wears a hajib.  She married Tamerlan Tsarnaev.  Now she is Katherine Tsarnaev, the widow of one of the most famous bombers of our time.  Her husband’s appearance and compelling nature were deceiving.  Fatally deceiving.  Perhaps she now recognizes the truth.


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