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Color, energy

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Do you ever find yourself craving color?  Have you ever looked around your house and thought, “[G]ee, I’d like to add some color” or “[I]’d like to paint that wall” ?    How about your winter wardrobe?  Are you starting to crave the lighter, brighter, wider color pallet of Spring?  As you drive home, are you seeing colorful pots of Spring flowers decorating front doors and porches?  And are you thinking, “I want that!”  Sure enough, you’re craving color!

So how can we understand and feed our color cravings?  First, the Visible Light Spectrum is the series of wavelengths that your eyes can see as violet, indigo, blue, green, yellow, orange, and red.  Light stimulates you brain through the eyes.  Is it easier to sleep in a dark room or a well-lit one?  Of course—we turn of the lights to sleep.

In traditional Chinese philosophy, there are five elements:  Earth, Air or Metal, Fire, Water, and Wood.  The colors of the elements are yellow, white/black/grey, red, blue, and green.  So if you consistently crave red décor, clothing, or cars, for example, you may be a Fire Type.  Make sense?

It’s free and easy to determine what color stimulus will fill your craving:  look around and take notes.  Then start bringing more of those colors into your wardrobe, your home, even your car.  For your wardrobe, watch makeover shows like TLC’sWhat Not to Wear, and see how they use colors to change a person’s whole look.  For your home and yard colors, turn your TV to a home improvement channel, or visit area hotel lobbies and grounds.  Also, stop in eclectic décor stores.  Now notice:  are you drawn to bright, warm colors in large expanses of walls and art?  Or do you feel drawn in to soft blues, greens and greys, calming you down and helping you feel centered and peaceful?    Perhaps deep jewel tones make you feel grounded, and neutral accessories lighten up the effect for you.  The key question is:  what feeds YOU?

Now get out there and get some flowers for your front door, a couple of colored pillows for your car, or some accessories for your back patio.  Paint a wall and, if you like, change to new colors for your bed linens.  In your living room, a slipcover for your couch and some different accessories will head you in the right direction.  Just adding yellow flowers to your patio table will probably give you a lift.  Start now!  Play with colors, and see how you feel.  After all, it’s your life, and you should feel your best.



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