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Feng Shui Garden, visioning, change

Confucius in the Feng Shui Garden
Photo by Kebba Buckley Button

When I first began developing my Feng Shui Garden, about 7 years ago, I bought a pine tree with no label at Home Depot’s after-Christmas orphan tree sale.  I was so strongly moved to adopt this tree, that there was no resisting it.  Heaven clearly wanted me to have this tree, which was about my height, about 5 feet and 6 inches.  With much help from my tall, strong husband-to-be (now husband), I selected a location for this little tree, far out from the 6-foot wall.  My thought was to have the tree anchor a charming planter area in that corner of the garden.

Ha!  The tree is now about 4 times my height, and its branches drape out over the wall.  It’s so big now, that there is no way to reasonably get a photo.  As you approach the house, you can now see the backyard treetop looking down on the house.  Its shade cools our yard and our house.  What scares me is that the nearby park has similar-looking trees that are up to 70 feet tall.  That’s right.  Huge.  We thought we were buying a vegetal puppy, and we ended up with a vegetal Marmaduke!  Only very well-behaved.

Meanwhile, I have learned amazing things from my friendship with this tree.  Here are a few:

  1. Scale:  Start a project, and you never know how grand it may turn out to be, especially when it’s Heaven-backed.  My pine tree has become the triumphant presence in the Feng Shui Garden.  Not greater than the Divine Presence, of course.
  2. Vision:  Keep watering your project garden, treat it reasonably, handle with prayer, and years later, it may look like quite a different project.  The project itself may change your vision of the project, with time.
  3. Dynamism:  Everything is dynamic.  Puppies, pines, relationships, business projects, social media—everything is ever-changing.  So when we start something, we need to be flexible and see just how it’s evolving.  Did your puppy look like the grown dog did/does?  Does your relationship with your sister look like it did when you were kids?
  4. Response to Grace:  As the project/person/puppy changes, they bless us differently, and we need to change.  We need to decorate around them, in different ways.  A puppy needs a different bed, different food, different toys, different exercise than a grown dog.  In the Feng Shui Garden, I have shifted the design of the Garden a number of times, as the pine has grown and begun to grace the Garden differently.  I enlarged the original planter bed several times, to engage the visual scale and beauty of the pine.  A 30” monk statue under the pine has been moved several times, as the scale of the planter area has shifted.  Today, I removed the original coin plant (looks like jade plant with up to ½” succulent leaves) that, at one time, was on the sunny edge of the pine’s planter zone.  Recently, it has been in complete shade and wandering about.  Today, the removed coin plant got reduced to cuttings and transferred to a beautiful pot, now standing at a sunny edge of the pine’s perimeter.  I had to re-think and re-vision what was under the pine, as it began to teach me more of who it was.

The pine in the Feng Shui Garden is moving into its greatness.  Who knows what the scale of its greatness will be in 5 years, 10 years, 20 years?  Are you moving into your greatness?  Are you looking at the scale of your efforts, examining your vision, and staying flexible with the dynamism of Life?  Most important, are you shifting your project, decorating around your larger dog, and accommodating the greatness of your life’s Garden with new design changes?  Remember: although we cannot know exactly what it is,  the best is yet to be.


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