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By now, you know very well that bombs went off near the Finish Line of the Boston Marathon yesterday.  About 27,000 runners were participating, from most States and from 100 countries.  Many thousands more were watching.  About half had already crossed the Finish Line.  According to CNN, 8-year-old Martin Richard of Boston hugged his dad at the Finish Line.  Then a bomb went off, killing Martin, and seriously injuring his sister and mother.  Martin’s sister lost her leg, and his mother has brain injuries.  Martin lost his life.

Amazingly, massive presence of medical personnel onsite, and ambulances standing by, resulted in the speedy transport of patients to area hospitals.  Several hospitals together treated 176, while 3 died.  About 20 lost limbs, and as of this morning, 3 limbs were potentially being lost.  Dr. George Velhamos, chief of Trauma Surgery at Boston General Hospital, said, “[T]he patients are amazing!”  He said the medical resources at his hospital were virtually limitless, with staff staying for multiple shifts and “pressing through” pleasantly.  One BGH doctor, who had run the Marathon, reported to the hospital, dehydrated, to assist in treating patients.

Video immediately after the bombing showed servicemen in desert camouflage gear already helping to move the injured.  How did they get there instantaneously?  They were already there:  they had been running in the Marathon, with full packs!

Dr. Ron Walls, of Brigham and Women’s Hospital, said that BWH took 31 patients after the Marathon bombing.  In this group there was one amputation and there were 2 limbs at risk, as of this morning.  Impressed with both the patients and his staff, Dr. Walls said, “[T]he more people are challenged, the more they rise.” He also commented that because the hospital was staffed up for race day, and because it was daytime, “we had virtually the entire surgical staff available”.

The wife of the Ohio Secretary of State, Tina Husted, is an elite runner who completed the Marathon well ahead of the bombing.  Interviewed by CNN, she agreed with everyone else that “[T]he medical support at this race is incredible.”  One CNN commentator said there were actually four doctors for every patient on the ground.

Law enforcement was similarly speedy and organized, with the FBI and ATF appearing almost immediately, as the thousands of remaining runners were diverted and offered transport.  Governor Patrick and Boston’s Police Commissioner apparated in minutes and coordinated press briefings.  They said the Mayor was on his way from the hospital; the Mayor arrived in a wheelchair, wearing a suit, with a cast on his foot.  A microphone was already in place at the correct height for the Mayor’s comments.  Established  protocols for municipal emergencies and terrorism were snapped into place, and well-rehearsed connections were made and well-utilized.  The CIA was briefed and the President appeared in a televised message, offering whatever Boston needed.

Within hours, they announced the restricted area was shrinking.  Although the bombings were not expected, the interlocking response teams were ready.  They moved swiftly, smoothly, and expertly, against the effects of vicious bombings.  The damage to  people’s lives and bodies was minimized by the swiftness of the responses.  Now we need to overcome any fear, find our personal peace, and let the experts do what they do so well.

With the experts at work, now what can we all do?   We can do three things.  First, let’s pray thanks for all those expert responders and the incredible work they do.  Second, let’s keep praying for the victims, the loved ones, those who saw horrible things, and those who are still treating the victims.  Third, LET’S FLY OUR FLAGS and show we’re more united than ever.  The FBI Agent-In-Charge in Boston said, the best thing we can do is go about our lives and show the terrorists we don’t fear them.  We love this country, and we intend to live our lives.  So FLY YOUR FLAGS, wear your flag pins, put those flag decals on your car and window.

Boston, we’re with you!  More united than ever.


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