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natural healing, pain relief, JSJ,, Kobe BryantUpBeat Living stands for your most fulfilled life, including your best possible health and wellness, which in turn will make you vital, joyful and fulfilled.  Today, we’re reaching out to anyone who needs to heal from an injury.  Would you like to heal much faster?

Recently, basketball legend Kobe Bryant, of the LA Lakers, ripped/ruptured his left Achilles tendon (attaches to the back of the foot/ankle), making a move said he has made thousands of times before.  Surgeons have repaired it, and Bryant was told to stay in bed for 2 weeks.  Possibly out for months, he is frustrated and also in pain.  He wonders if he will actually make a full recovery and be able to return to his passion, playing professional basketball.

What should he do to heal?  Of course, he will follow his doctors’ orders, including not re-ripping the tendon.  For natural pain relief, he can use the techniques in my recent article, 10 Top Tips for Natural Pain Relief Now! ( http://wp.me/pw4HM-co).  These include certain breathwork, selected applications of stretching and ice, soaking with Epsom Salts, and eating lots of colorful fresh, organic, fruits and veggies, for the healing antioxidants.

But Bryant can also use energy healing, Jin Shin Jyutsu®, to speed his recovery.  If he can reach the injury, even with a cast on, he can hold the injury site with his right hand and place his left hand over the right.  He can also get his visitors to do that for him, while he relaxes, which will also speed recovery.  This can be done for a minute or for hours, as much as you like.  You may notice the hands getting hot.

Another Jin Shin Jyutsu® move to use is to hold the medial wrist at the base of the bone below the left little finger. This is the last point on the hand, on the little finger side, that is still on the hand.  This move  flushes energy into the ankles and feet, aiding regeneration.  All basketball players should be doing this while watching movies!

If Kobe Bryant is looking for a Jin Shin Jyutsu® practitioner to come and work on him, gently holding pairs of points, and giving him great pain relief, relaxation, and speeded-up healing, he can look at the JSJ Locator to find someone in his area (http://jsjinc.net/locator.php ).  And after he gets out of the hospital, he can take a Jin Shin Self-Help class in any of a number of locations around the world.

We look forward to seeing Kobe Bryant back on the court, in surprisingly short time, back fulfilling his passion!

On Saturday, November 2d, my office in Phoenix is giving a Jin Shin Jyutsu Self-Help Part 1 class from 9 am to 1:30 pm. Self-help Part 2 will be on Saturday, November 9th.  To register, or for details, email kebba@kebba.com, or call 480-250-1177.


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