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If you are even thinking about boredom, you’re bored.  Do these words resonate for you:  listless, dull, unmotivated?  Yup, you’re bored.  But wait!

Let’s sort this out a little. Is this a common feeling for you?  Do you need change?  What are you really experiencing?  Do you feel bored on the job, bored at home, or only bored when you’re with certain friends?  Then that’s Life’s way of telling you that you need change, in your job or at home.  Or you need new friends.

Boredom can actually be a physical malaise. So get your journal out, or your iPad, and start making lists.  Try answering these questions about physical stressors:

  1. Am I tired?
  2. Are my clothes too tight?
  3. Am I frustrated about some large thing, like needing to get a project done, and it seems to go on forever?
  4. Do I need a snack/beverage/meal?
  5. Is the air polluted today, or is the weather changing?
  6. Do I have a comfortable chair or couch on which to relax?  Do I need to get one?
  7. Have I exercised 20 minutes or more today?

Boredom can be Flat Brain Syndrome, either from working too much or being under-challenged.  In either case, a novelty break will do wonders for you.  Go for a scenic drive.  Go to a movie and then walk around the mall.  Visit the zoo or hike the Botanical Garden; take pictures of tiny things and of panoramas.  Three hours of change will do wonders for your brain and your attitude.

If you only have a half-hour to work on your boredom, try just taking a hot shower and styling your hair a fresh way.

Boredom is a sure signal that you need something.  Or several somethings.  Consult with yourself and bring help to your inner Bored Person.  Soon your mood, your energy, and your interest in life will be back.  You’ll thank yourself later!  And please comment on how you have conquered your boredom.


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