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Margaret_Thatcher_1981A stroke felled one of the most amazing women in history, just this week.  Margaret Thatcher died at age 87.  Her life was a huge inspiration to me.  Long may she live in our hearts.

Many were agog when the United Kingdom elected a female Prime Minister, Margaret Thatcher, in 1979.  Born in 1925, she had been a research chemist, and later a barrister.  She and husband Denis had twins in 1952, a boy and a girl.

Thatcher became leader of the Conservative Party since 1975.  Two years later, Ronald Reagan was elected President of the United States [1981-1989], and he interacted with Mrs. Thatcher a great deal.  He said, “Margaret Thatcher is the best man in England”, while others called her “the best man in Europe”.  Mrs. Thatcher remained Prime Minister until 1990.  Many called her “The Iron Lady”.

When she took office, the United Kingdom had had ongoing high unemployment, and unions were on the rise. Thatcher took on these two issues with a series of programs for deregulation, privatization, and lessening the power of the trade unions.  Her policies became known as “Thatcherism”, and many believe she saved England’s economy.  Others hated her.  She stood firm.

In 1982, the world was agog as Argentina invaded the Falklands Islands. Thatcher ordered defense of the UK dependent territory.  The conflict lasted 74 days, Argentina surrendered, 649 Argentine military personnel and 255 British died.  Mrs. Thatcher stood firm.  She was re-elected in 1983.  She resigned as PM and party leader in 1990 and remained in the House of Commons for two more years.  In 1992, she was given a life peerage, thus becoming Baroness Thatcher of Kesteven, and joining the House of Lords.

Baroness Thatcher had a wit.  Possibly her most famous quip is: “In politics, if you want anything said, ask a man; if you want anything done, ask a woman”.  She was a role model to many professional women, strong and poised, yet feminine, always well-dressed and well-coifed.  While running the United Kingdom, she was also a wife and mother of two.  When asked how she juggled it all, she blinked and looked surprised.  She said simply, “Well, there are twenty-four hours in a day, and if you think about it, you can do quite a lot with them.”  That quote often comes to me when I think I don’t have enough time.  I do my best to be poised and feminine, always well-dressed and coifed.  I think about what to do with my 24 hours each day, and I do the most and best I can.

And in whatever challenges, I stand firm.  Thanks for the years of inspiration, Margaret Thatcher!


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