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SNV, NonViolence, Peace, reverence

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We’re now beginning the third week of the 64-day Season for NonViolence (SNV).  The SNV was created by the Association for Global New Thought (AGNT), as a way of inviting people to develop their consciousness and practice of nonviolent approaches to problem solving.  When we look at peaceful living, we find that much of the process of developing nonviolence actually begins with one’s relationship with self, together with one’s relationship with all Life.

Here is AGNT’s meditation for SNV Day 15:


DAY 15 Feb. 13:  The thought for today is REVERENCE.   Reverence for all life is fundamental to Ahimsa; it is the ultimate rationale for nonviolence – for how can one willingly do harm to that for which one has reverence – and towards which one has the love that reverence engenders?

In the main, reverence for life dictates the same sort of behavior as the ethical principle of love. But reverence for life contains within itself the rationale of the commandment to love, and it calls for compassion for all creature life.   –Albert Schweitzer

Reverence is a virtue that prepares us well to belong to one another; it reaches out to those who have given messages of not wishing to belong.  When we approach others with gentle reverence, we bring gifts and share theirs with us.  -Paula Ripple


Today:  I open myself up to a feeling of reverence for all forms of life, especially each and every person that I meet during the day.   I’ll take a walk outside and experience the beauty that surrounds me as I BE with the sky, the plants and animals, as well as my brothers and sisters.


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