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morning routine

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What’s your morning routine?

Today has been a good day. Filled with interesting work, lunch out with family, inspiring reading, and just the right amount of housework to make me value my comfortable home.

Yesterday was not such a good day. A late start meant I was playing ‘catch-up’ all day. And, once I’m in that ‘fraught’ mindset, it’s difficult to shift from it until I’ve had a good sleep!

And it occurred to me, not for the first time, that the crucial factor in how my day unfolds is my morning routine. It can make or break the day. It determines whether I move through the day singing or slouching, vibrant or sluggish, filled with energy or forcing every movement.

My optimal routine that sets the tone for a glorious day begins like this:

  1. Morning pages – as created by the wondrous Julia Cameron in her seminal book, The Artist’s Way. Over the years, I’ve tweaked these a bit until now they’re three pages of stream-of-consciousness prayer, if there is such a thing. It’s a monologue (sometimes a conversation) where I connect first with the Divine. (Prayer features several times during the course of my day, but this is the one I look forward to most.) Petition, thanksgiving, gratitude all feature here, along with questions, thoughts and ideas – not everything every day, but one or two will show up each day.
  2. Inspirational reading – which is usually a natural extension of the morning pages prayers. Sometimes 30 minutes pass in the blink of an eye; on other days 5 or 10 are enough. (It also depends how early I’ve awakened and how much time I have available.)
  3. By this time the animals are nudging me in the direction of their food bowls, and, once they’re munching happily, I throw open the back door to let the day inside and to step out into the garden to gauge the temperature and feed the birds. (Actually, these days the back door is not ‘thrown open’ as much as it is cautiously pulled back just a bit! Roll on Spring, that’s what I say!)
  4. On a really good day, when the sun’s above the horizon and you can’t see your breath in the morning air, I’ll go for a walk along the beach: thinking, praying, or simply watching the seagulls or the waves lap against the shore.
  5. By the time I get home, I’m ready for my porridge!

That’s my optimum morning routine, before the requirements and responsibilities of the day set in.

But, in order to have the space for all of that in the morning, you have to first go back to the previous evening, because you can’t awaken early if you go to bed late. I’ve said that before, and it’s something I’m still working at. I’m naturally more of a ‘night owl’ than an ‘early bird’, so it’s difficult for me to switch off the lights at 10 pm when I want to read just a few more pages, or write just a few more lines, or watch just another portion of TV.

But an early start filled with nourishing routines which then set me up for a good day of living is a profound motivator!

And now I’m wondering: what routines do you have that set you up for your day?

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