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Desert Mission Food BankPhoto by Kebba Buckley Button

Desert Mission Food Bank Herb Garden
Photo by Kebba Buckley Button

Kindness to others doesn’t have to be expensive or time-consuming.  You don’t have to make huge cash donations, although that’s fantastic if you can.  You don’t have to start your own nonprofit.  You can generously be of service in a few moments or hours here and there, without any heavy lifting or expense.  And kindness radiates in every direction.

Today I had many chances to experience kindness.  It began with a morning ministry forum.  All of the forum members are gentle, caring people.  They support each other with generous listening and soft inquiry.  My heart was filled with their kindness, as I hurried to my next meeting, a business network.

Once a month, I pick up food bank donations from this business network.  After I damaged my spine lifting too much at Habitat for Humanity, I decided to find no-lifting ways to serve.  A food bank team urgently needed plastic bags and egg cartons, so the clients could take the eggs and groceries home; I adopted the job of gathering those bags and cartons.  Gradually, colleagues and friends have learned that wherever I am, they can give me their plastic bags and egg cartons for food ministry.  This costs them nothing, requires no heavy lifting for any of us, and it allows the community to participate in food ministry in a small way.  If they are moved to send food with me, that’s great also.  Today, the business network gave me a PT Cruiser load of bags, egg cartons, food, and clothing.  These business owners are thinking of others and sending their caring in the items they helped carry to my car.  Even our favorite waiter helped carry items out, plus he had brought a box of food.  My heart was filled with their lovingkindness, as I hurried to my next stop, the food bank.

At the food bank loading dock, I began unloading the car, and five kind people apparated from nowhere, unloading for me and sorting the donations.  We put all the clothing in the back of the Cruiser.  I noticed a new creation by the food bank staff:  an herb garden (see photo)!  New crates full of oranges also graced the dock, brought by caring homeowners with surplus from their trees.  My heart was filled with their kindness, as I hurried to my next stop, St. Vincent de Paul.

At the St. Vincent donation dock, I was blessed to be helped by the man I knew to be the easygoing and radiant manager.  He called me “darlin’” several times as he easily hefted the heavy clothing bags and wished me a beautiful day.  My heart was filled with warmth and kindness, as I hurried to my next stop, a Target store, for a prescription.

In that parking lot, a couple of years ago, on a breezy day, I got out of my car and saw a balloon flying quickly past me.  It was just several feet away.  Well off to my left was a distressed small child and his anxious father.  They were too far away and the balloon was moving fast and rising.  In my skirted suit and high heels, I took off after that balloon like someone’s life depended on it.  After a sprint, I caught it and shouted, “YESSSS!”  I was handing the balloon back to the astonished child before I realized what I had done.  Sometimes we are simply called.  The father gave me a grave look that said the moment was very important to him, as he said, “Tink yo leddy.”  The crazy blond woman in the business suit had touched that immigrant’s heart.

So today, I went to get out of my car in that parking lot, thinking of the balloon story and smiling.  My heart was full.  And walking next to me was a middle-eastern looking man with a small son, who was carrying a balloon, securely held.  I had the feeling Heaven was grinning at me.  My heart was full as I slowed down to marvel and enjoy the beautiful day.


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